Free Rumpot Instructions and how to make a rum pot

Easy instructions on making a rum pot from fresh fruit.

Use  washed and dried fruit. Light amber rum and granulated sugar.

What kind of fruit can I use? How do I prepare my fruit for the Rumpot?

Really seedy fruit is not so good in the rumpot! Black currants  and redcurrants are particularly bad.

Use any fresh fruit but try to think about the way fruit comes in tins, if it's pineapple then it's best in chunks or rings. Pears need to be halved, peaches in slices or halved, you get the idea. Apples tend to break up a bit and they're a bit bland. Use the fruits that you like in tins, you don't like tinned apricots? Don't put them in your rum pot!

Leave the stones out,   think about tinned fruit again, if they leave the seeds in  when it's tinned then it's ok in the Rumpot.
The fruit does all go one colour and looks a bit splodgy, don't worry,  that's the rumpot way, enjoy it

 The Rum Pot Recipe
 This bits easy, for each 500 gram of fruit add 250 gram of sugar. Sprinkle the sugar over the fruit and leave for about half an hour.
Then place the fruit in the Rumpot
 How much rum do I use in My Rumpot?
Just  cover the fruit with rum, make sure all the  fruit is under the rum. Hold it under the rum with a small plate or saucer if you have to but make sure it's well under. If bits are poking above the rum they can go mouldy. Any rum is OK, the best type is the light brown rums. You can use cheap rum as the fruit provides the flavour.

Top up with rum every time you add more fruit.

If you add more fruit add more rum, make sure it's always covered
 And make sure the fruit is always covered by rum
The rum has a tendency to disappear when you're not looking, it's either angels or evaporation!  Its best to cover the top of the pot with cling film, this stops the evaporation a bit but doesn't prevent the elves getting in and nicking it!. Stir as little as possible but make sure the sugar is all stirred in. leave about  3 months.
An easy way to get cheap alcohol is to use thebrewshop airstill! Remember it may be illegal in your country so check before you use it.

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Some general hints
Really seedy fruit is not so good in the rumpot! Black and redcurrants are particlarly bad.
The fruit does all go one colour and look a bit splodgy, thats the rumpot way, enjoy it!
The fruit can be eaten as is or with cream, ice cream , custard, yoghurt etc.
The juice makes a gorgeous liqeuer, don't worry about the bits! They don't do any harm
If the rumpot tastes too strong there was probably not enough sugar in it, you ate it too soon or all the sugar is stuck to the bottom and wants stirring in.
Enjoy your rum pot!