Dark American IPA 4.5 Litres 8 Bottles 4.5%

An dark pale ale, using Chinook hops for an American Dark Pale Ale

Requires an extra 100 g of sugar

To make 4.5 Litres of beer


12 g Chinook Hops

500 g Dark  Dried Malt Extract

100 g Sugar

Beer yeast


Pour the Malt extract into a 2 pint jug and fill up with boiling water, leave to cool.

When cool to room temperature pour the malty liquid into a 4.5 litre plastic water bottle,

Add cold water to fill it about 50 mm below the shoulders and squeeze the small bag of hops into the bottle.

Add the yeast- Just rest the top on - Don't tighten it!

Put it  in a nice warm place

Leave for six days , then pour into a clean water bottle. Add cold water

Screw the lid on part way and leave for two days to clear

Syphon into bottles and add 1/2 Tsp. of sugar per pint to each bottle.

Bottles should clean and ones that have held pressure, plastic ones or those clip top bottles are great.

Leave for two weeks in a warm place. You beer is now ready for drinking!