Muntons Tap-a-draft System 40 Pint Beer Pressure systemOUT OF STOCK SORRY

We love this system! It's four x  6 litre/10 pint  pet bottles and an injector system that takes the 16g throw away co bulbs.


  • You can force carbonate and drink the beer the same day!

    Fill and store the beer in the 4 pet bottle in the kit and then gas up when you want to drink!

    Cheaper and simpler than the cormelius system!

    Fits in the fridge as well!

  • Four 6 litre/10 pint pet pressure bottles (Enough for 40 pints of beer!)
  • 4x 16g  Co2 gas bulbs
  • 1 x Unique gas injector and dispense adaptor for the bottles
  • Takes a full 5 gallons, 40 pints! 10 pints each bottle
  • Fits in fridge
  • Takes the 16g co2 soda syphon bulbs
  • Use Nitrogen bulbs for creamy top beer!