Stove Top/Kitchen Mash Tun,Sparge and Boiler Set - 47 Ltrs Stainless Steel

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Fits on the cooker at home, designed for to make life easy for the home grain masher. Allows boiling mashing and sparging all on the cooker at home!

Perfect for brewing all grain recipes of 25 to 40 litres of beer/ales/lagers- using the cooker at home,


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It's a nice big 47 litre  boiling pan  with tap in good quality stainless.

The insert is a good fitting sleeve with a mesh bottom for straining/sparging

The two fit inside each other for easy storage.

The inner pan rests on a stainless pole to give a good height for sparging, then comes out easily for boiling

A lovely piece of kit designed to make boiling sparging and mashing easy !

Space saving gadget allows you to use a normal kitchen!

Here's how it works,

  • To make 5 gallons /40 pints/23 litres of ale
  • heat 15 to 25 litres of water in the  boiler to 75c -turn off heat
  • drop the  inner strainer into the hot water and add grain
  • Temp drops to about 65c, leave to sparge
  • Check heat and return to 65 if it cools off too much by just switching stove back on
  • After an hour, push the stainless bar down the centre tube, this allows you to prop the inner kettle on the handle
  • Allow the grain to drain, open the tap and pour the cloudy first 8 pints back through the inner kettle
  • Sparge by pouring hot water at about 85c slowly through thegrain-- use the electric kettle to heat the extra water
  • you've now got 6 gallons of malty liquid, swithch the cooker back on and boil with the hops!
  • Easy!