Red Wine 30 Bottle

Winexpert Selection Italian Amarone with Skins 30 Bottles

Full bodied and gorgeous! Italian Amarone.

   The grape skins give a deep richness that increases the depth of the wine.

18 litres of the best Italian grape juice, Oh, Winexpert, why do you torment us so? So many great wines and we can only drink so much..

All that bitter chocolate molasses and old leather is in here, amazing depth and a lot of tannin. Italy produces Amarone and Italians call it her strongest wine. Cherries with stewed plums, a bitter sweetness and it goes on forever.

The wine to treat yourself, the lovers of great reds ask for this one in the shop. It sells very well, it's a delight to drink. We love all the winexpert with skins range but this one shines a little brighter. A ray of sunshine for any dark evening, something exotic to remind you of why you fell in love with wine in the first place!  

Dry with  a medium full body and a medium oak