Cornelius Keg Recycled 19 litre

-Cornelius keg used  clean and in  good condition.


You'll need the dispense tap and the injector to go with it.

Also a "quick disconnect gas in" or you can't use the injector!

These hold 19 litres and take up to 100 psi.

They are the best home brew barrel but do have a couple of faults!

They use a narrow dip tube which sucks from the bottom of the keg, this means that the beer has to go in bright and clear otherwise the tube can get blocked. You can take the tube out and cut about 12mm off it to stop the problem.

They are the best way to dispense your beer though and worth the investment, worth taking a bit of trouble over!

You then inject the beer with co2 to get the beer out.

The beer won't come out without gas, the only system we can supply is the small injector below.

If you have access to a supply of Co2 with regulators from a pub or bar then you can use that.. You have to know what you're doing though.