Conical Fermenter Stainless in Various Sizes

These are Italian and made of Inox18/10 stainless. PRICES ON THESE NOW REDUCED!

This is food grade and good quality, don't confuse it with the cheap Chinese imports!

They have a tap on the bottom and another where the conical bit ends. They come complete with the stand.

It allows you to run off the sediment after a few days without running off the whole brew. This gives a cleaner beer and reduces the chance of yeast bite.

The side tap allows the beer to be run off above the sediment so further improving quality.

The taps are stainless and very good quality.

They are unbeatable value, at the new lower prices they are almost as cheap as plastic.

Please note! Our prices include vat at 20% and there is a 5% discount on this product at checkout!!