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Nothing to do with Cornelius Kegs, but we just like The Who! I remember this photo from when I was a teenager but never noticed the bus number before.
Cornelius Kegs Beer Barrel System
The Cornelius system has a great name. It's all good quality.

Some of it is refurbished, some is new,some is Chinese.  The system is getting easier to use.They are good but do require a bit of effort. It's getting better and we think it will all be Cornelius type barrels eventually.

The plastic barrels are cheaper and easy to use, the cornelius is a bit of an investment

We've tried to stock the easiest Cornelius equipment. It's all tested and works well.

Cornelius Keg System Beginners Kit

A complete beginners kit with gas and beer dispense tap

Cornelius Keg Recycled 19 litre

-Cornelius keg used  clean and in  good condition.



Cornelius Keg 19 litres New Keg Unused

Brand new Italian corny kegs

These are the Italian Cornelius kegs and are all new and reeady to go.

Recycled 19 Litre Cornelius Keg and System

A 19 Litre re cycled cornelius keg with a gas system using the  small 8gm soda syphon bulbs

New!! Cornelius Keg 23 Litres

Brand new unused Cornelius Keg 23 litres

Maximim pressure is 60 PSI and the blow off works at 45 PSI

23 Litre/40 Pint Cornelius Keg System

A complete system using the Chinese Cornelius kegs which hold a full 5 gallons.

Uses the small 8g co2 bulbs you can get easily

Cornelius 23 Litre Keg with Gas injector and Beer tap Sorry out of Stock of the gas injector

It's the new 23 litre corny keg with a tap and an injector already added. Takes the standard cornelius fittings

Quick Dispense Tap for Cornelius

Cornelius tap. Fits straight on to quick disconnect beer out

40 Pint/23 Litre Stainless Cornelius Beer Barrel and Pump -In Stock now!!

More Pictures Below!

Gas,pump head and Barrel Included!

40 pint beer dispense system! In Stainless!

Look at this baby! Takes  the small 8 gm soda syphon bulbs

Stainless Steel Dispensing Pump

A stainless pump handle for serving your beer!

Comes with pipe and fitting for a cornelius keg

16g Bulbs for Various Injectors pack of 5

These are a spare pack of 16g bulbs for the   charger/injector.

They won't fit the other pressure systems! They are for the cornelius only!

They do fit a few air guns though! They are not the  threaded type

Pack of Ten co2 Bulbs 8 Gm to fit the bulb holder

Ten small 8 Gm bulbs- These fit the screw in bulb holders, they're the size of the soda syphon bulbs.

Co 2 Charger for the Cornelius Keg =1 x16 g Threaded Bulbs

You'll need a "quick disconnect gas in" to go with this.



16g Threaded Co2 Bulbs for the Cornelius Charger Pack of 5

The threaded 16g  co bulbs- Most are not threaded but the ones for the Cornelius Charger are!!

Cornelius Flexi Dispense Tap

You'll need this to get the beer out of the keg! You can see it's got the disconnect on on end and a tap on the other.

It's the easiest way other than adapting a bar tap.

Cornelius Quick Disconnect Gas In with Moulded in Barb

Connects to  the Cornelius to allow the connection of a gas supply.

Cornelius Quick Disconnect Gas In With Thread to Take Beer Line Push On Connector

Quick disconnect with threaded portion to take the beerline  push fit connector

Fits the 16g gas injector, you'll need one of these if you buy the injector!

Cornelius Quick Disconnect Beer Out With Thread to Take Beer Line Push On Connector

Quick disconnect beer out, threaded to take the push fit connector

Cornelius Quick Disconnect Beer With Moulded on Barb

Cornelius Beer Disconnect wit moulded barb.

Disconnect to Beer Line 5/16 Push Fit Connector

Fits the threaded part of the disconnect,

5/16 Beer Line Price per Metre

Fits the 5/16 push fit connectors.


Pressure Gauge 0 to 100 P.S.I.

A 0 to 100 psi pressure gauge. Complete with nut and a nice big rubber washer.

Cornelius Keg Spares Pack

 Spare pack of washers for the Cornelius beer keg.