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Nothing to do with anything, but we do love banjos! Mines an Ome Tenor!

Interesting Stuff and Collectables

Stuff we think is interesting or perhaps relevant. It's all stuff that comes and goes.

We hope you like it!

It may not be homebrew but it's probably got a link to wine or beer some where!

Boddingtons Ash Tray Black

16cm across the widest part.

From the  Strangeway's brewery, this is from the old Boddingtons when it was a real beer and not a corporate imitation of a great Manchester ale.

Whitbread Celebration Ale 11.5 % 1992 Vintage

A bottle of the famous Whitbread Celebration Ale

No 46788 in a limited run- Made in 1992

It's old, we don't know what its like , or if it's any good.

It's unopened-- Packing is a bit tatty - The bottle inside is untouched so it must be ok. Is it drinkable? we don't know. It's 25 years old so who knows.





Tea Mug

Its the size of a normal mug and it's got Prince William 24 carat gold written underneath--Made in England

ST Bernards Brandy Barrel SOLD

ONe of those barrels they put round the  neck of a St Bernards dog!

Close up of the barrel