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Nothing to do with anything, but we do love banjos! Mines an Ome Tenor!

Interesting Stuff and Collectables

Stuff we think is interesting or perhaps relevant. It's all stuff that comes and goes.

We hope you like it!

It may not be homebrew but it's probably got a link to wine or beer some where!

Double Diamond Plate


Nice plate, 8" Diameter.

Double diamond! Wow! Might have been an ashtray but doesn't have any grooves in it for your fags. Few crackles in the glaze but no chips or cracks. A heavy plate, like thick canteen stuff!


Boddingtons Ash Tray Black


16cm across the widest part.

From the  Strangeway's brewery, this is from the old Boddingtons when it was a real beer and not a corporate imitation of a great Manchester ale.

Whitbread Celebration Ale 11.5 % 1992 Vintage


A bottle of the famous Whitbread Celebration Ale

No 46788 in a limited run- Made in 1992

It's old, we don't know what its like , or if it's any good.

It's unopened-- Packing is a bit tatty - The bottle inside is untouched so it must be ok. Is it drinkable? we don't know. It's 25 years old so who knows.





We've seen them for sale at £50 so we've set it at half that, it's probably going to sit on a shelf and be unopened for the next 25 years, so it doesn't really matter if it's drinkable.

We think it's probably ok, it is 11%! We've had beers in the cellar here for years and they're drinkable..

It's really a collectors item now...

Big Hydrometer


49 cms --About 20"!!- Looks like it was used for advertising- Stevensons wine and beer.

Too big for homebrew use!


Ship in a Demi John-Collection Only!


Ship in a bottle, well in a demi john !

Sorry Collection Only!

Model of Nelsons flagship Victory in a glass demi john- A lovely thing! Modern , made for Nauticalia.

The ship is a cardboard model but it does look nice!

Pub Type Shelf Corkscrew


PPub type automatic corkscrew, love;y machine, auto cork eject.

Pull the handle down and it pulls out the  cork, pull handle back up and the cork pops out

Fits on th eedge of a shelf, clmap included!

Tea Mug

Its the size of a normal mug and it's got Prince William 24 carat gold written underneath--Made in England

A lovely thing and Id say it's about 50 years old---

German Beer Boot .5 Litre with joke!


Another German joke!

ALl these glass boots are old, maybe 30 years or more!

Thay are good fun though.

German Beer Mug 1/2 Litre With Raft


Mug with men on a raft and some german writing.

German made beer steins

1.5 Litre Clear Glass Boot - German

The classic German beer well in clear glass

Glass Stein 1 Litre


Glass stein with Paulaner Munchen on it

1 Iitre in glass

1/2 litre Beer mug with Horses

German beer mug with horses

Cribbage Board- Banks's Ales


Nice polished wood cribbage board. Unused with Banks's written on it.

Don't see much crib played in pubs now but when we were lads we all played!

Crown Cap Removing Tool Holsten


Screws to the bar top, used in a pub or a bar, looks decorative, and functional!

The bit that the cap fall into is missing, as usual.

You just have to catch the cap or put a bucket underneath!

Crown Cap Remover Grolsch

Screws to the wall and removes crown caps-- Scratched and bubbled wher ethe chrome is lifting  but only a fiver!

Small Schweppes Willow Pattern Bowl sold


Small shallow bowl, 12cm made by Barrats

No chips or cracks. Too small for an ashtray. Must have been used round the bar for something.

Possibly to keep the lemon slices in!

Lady with a banjo

We just like banjos, and she seems like a nice lady.
It's not for sale and we don't even have the original picture---JUst enjoy this one!

ST Bernards Brandy Barrel SOLD

ONe of those barrels they put round the  neck of a St Bernards dog!

It's not new and has a few dings and scratches...Looks like it had an inscription plate pinned on the end at sometime. It's got the leather straps so a mountaineer can carry it if the St Bernard gets tired]

The barrel is wood with copper hoops, complete with tap, the straps are all leather and white like army leather belts.

The picture is Christian and not a real St Bernard dog.

Close up of the barrel


Wine Cooler


Carlsberg Pump Head Sorry Sold Out

Working pump head. Decorative or could be adapted for a cornelius keg system

It's got a couple of marks but looks unused, no drip tray but has the holder, bar clamp ,fitting for the beer line etc.

Old Tetleys Pub Sign |SOLD


Lovely old Tetleys pub sign.

60x40 cm not including the mounting bracket

Made to mount on  wall, comes with the swan neck type bracket so it sticks out from the wall.

The panels are on three sides and are all plastic, the top is copper and steel painted black. Someone has started to clean it back to the copper so it either wants finishing off or painting black!

The round base is also a plastic panel and is also illuminated.

You will have to get the light fitting checked, we're selling it without a plug, to use it as a lighted sign you will need an electrician

Illuminated inside with a fluorescent fitting- It's probably from the 1980's or 70's.

Old Wooden Pump Handle Sorry Sold Out


Just the pump handle and the brass base- There's no pump!!

We've sold a few to people who have them as display pieces on the bar!

They were screwed to the beer engine, the handle is wood.

The handle is loose on the brass as the pump held it all together.

33 Cm long

Beer Back -Copper Sorry!! This baby is sold!!


In the bad old days they used to collect all the slops and put them back in the mild. This is the thing they used!

It's copper and steel and basically is just a copper funnel with a strainer on a stand. The tub of steriliser is there so you can see the size!

There's the big strainer, which sieves out the fag dimps and what not then the fine one which gets out bits of fluff and so on.

It originally had a pipe screwed on the bottom so the beer flows into the barrel  through the little hole in the top...

Heavy Brass Advertising Plate sold!!


Whitbread and Company advertising brass plate.

Weighs over 3kg. Looks like it was screwed to the wall outside a pub door.

Solid brass, with the Hinds Head!

meaures 33 x24 cm

1937 Genco Pinball MAchine Sold!!


The Archer, a 1939 pinball table/machine made by Genco in the USA

Click on the arrow to see a working video of it!

IT's in good condition, there is some flaking to the back screen , an area about the size of a 10p piece. you can see the  light shining through on the  video. The play table looks good and it's all working.

In working condition, I'm using a 6v battery charger as a power supply and it runs fine. It's old and will need attention from time to time so it's sold as is. It's too heavy to ship so collection only!