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Filter Bags and Straining Bags

The home winemakers friend! Makes it easy to get the fruit off the pulp.

Also useful for straining hops for beer making.

They are reusable. Red wine will stain them!

Most people use the coarse bag and it's the easiest for most home brew.

Small straining bags are best for a gallon of wine, if you're doing a lot the bigger ones might be easier.

Small Coarse Straining Bag


Small Coarse straining bag. 28 x 35 Cm when folded flat

Perfect for a gallon of fruit wine. Takes about 2 kg of fermented fruit.

Useful for straining hops or grain as well.

Coarse mesh is usually great for most uses, it will strain fruit without blocking up.

It's best to use it as a straining bag and not squeeze it too much as you can get a lot of fine pulp residue that just settles out in the demi-john later, you get most of the flavour out the fruit without squeezing

Small Fine Straining Bag


Small fine straining bag. 28 x 35 Cm when folded flat

Fine mesh, water passes through it easy enough.

Will filter out anything bigger than about .5mm.

Will filter out anything bigger than about .5 mm.

Good for Sloe Gin, fine filtering of wine pulp and

general filtering where the coarse filter bag  leaves too much behind.

For most uses the coarse bags will do the job.

Large Coarse Straining Bag


Large coarse straining bag.

53 x 35 Cm when folded flat

Good big bag when you need something with more capacity.

It's about the same as coarse curtain netting material, it will be suitable for most home brew uses.

Hole sizes are about 2mm



Large Fine Straining Bag


Large fine straining bag 53x35 Cm

It takes ages for fruit pulp to filter through this, use the coarse one first unless you don't mind waiting!

If you squeeze the fruit too much through these bags you can get a lot of fine pulp settling out.

The best way to sterilise all these bags is to just boil them for a minute.

Stockinette Hop Bags Muslin-


Mashing And Sparging Bag


For mashing and sparging beer- On mashing page click for link

These are really just made for sparging beer!

Straining bag and stand for wine or beer


20 x 20 cm  x 25 high -Bucket not included

Fits one, two or three gallon buckets easily, you may have to bend it a bit to make it fit a six gallon bucket properly.

Perfect for straining fruit flowers, hops and all kinds of things.

Saves spilling everything and having your fruit drop into the bit you've already strained!

Spare Bag for above

Fits the straining stand - Replacement bag.