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This ones off my car- No good for filtering wine!!

Filters For Homebrew and Filter Pads

There's a few filters on the market!

From the small home brewers kit to one for a micro winerey.

We  stock most of them, you decide which one is best for you.

We've tried to explain the benefits of each one!  

For most uses we'd just say use finings, look for them on the accessories page!

They'll clear most wine or beer without messing about with a filter.

How to clear cloudy wines! (and beer)

1.       Add finings!! If it's dropped a lot of sediment syphon off first or you'll just be fining out the old sediment. We use Kwik Clear

2.        Leave it in a cold place for a week- Move it to the garage or somewhere where there's stone floor! ( this works more often than you'd  think!)

3.        Check for pectin haze in wine- Add 1 part meths to 4 parts wine, you 'll need about a half wine glass of liquid!

If it throws a gungy deposit or precipitate then it's pectin and try some pectin destroying enzyme.

4.        You used old finings from the back of the cupboard you had for years? Buy some new ones, skinflint and try again.

5.        If you're in a hurry or want to speed things up buy a filter

 I'll try the Kwik Clear First!


The Better Brew Mk 4 Wine/Beer Filter

It's a nice good quality wine filter made by better brew .takes the standard 6"/15cm pad. Doesn't include filter pads so make sure you get some

Better Brew Wine/beer filter pads pack of two.

A pack of two pads for the Better brew filter, also fit the Vinbrite filter.

Sorry they don't fit the old Boots filter!!

Vinbrite Mk3 Filter Complete

A small flying saucer type filter. Suitable for filtering single gallons of homebrew wine. You can do 5 gallons but you're struggling a bit. Good for the country winemaker who makes a lot of demi johns of different wines.

Comes complete with 6 pads, syphon tube and tap.

Fits nicely on top of the demi john to make the job easy

Vinbrite Filter Pads pack of 6


Fit the Vinbrite Mk3- look at the picture above

They put the price of these up a lot-- Have a look at the better brew pads...

15 cm Filter papers pack of 25 Fit the Vinbrite

Like coffee filter papers- about 6"-Add to Basket Here

You need to make a sort of fan or they stick to the side of the funnel and you can't get any liquid through them.

Or use a couple of spoon handles to keep the paper off the funnel


Buon Vino Mini Jet -- back in stock!!

We like the Buon Vino, it's easy to use and the three grades of pads give you a control over the finish. We use the no 2 polish pads for nearly everything. It will handle 5 gallons/30 bottles easily. Customers who buy one tend to use it a lot because it's so simple.

The Buon Vino Mini Jet has been designed with the small quantity winemaker in mind. It is the perfect way for the home hobbyist to produce a wine with a commercial shine. Perfect for the home winemaker who filters 23L (5 Gallons) at a time from kits.

Its compact design incorporates a self-prime motorized pump capable of filtering up to 20 litres in 15 minutes. A built in drip tray and drainage tube ensure a no mess, no fuss clean-up job. And its triple filter pads add a crystal clear, sparkling quality to your wine.

Technical Specifications:

  • self-prime pump
  • incorporated motor
  • filtering surface 465 square cm
  • filtering time: 15 minutes per 20 litre jug (approximate)
  • 3 grades of pads: coarse, polish, and sterilizing
  • dimensions: 30 cm (length) x 14 cm (width) x 18 cm (height)
  • weight: 3 kilograms

Buon Vino Mini Jet Coarse No 1 Pads pack of three

Buon Vino Mini Jet Polish No 2 Pads pack of three

This is the most popular one!

Buon Vino Mini Jet Sterile no 3 Pads pack of three

Buon Vino Superjet Filter

This is really good! It's a bit of a luxury but it's fast!

Really for the small winery or if you plan on bulk filtering.

  • self-prime pump
  • filtering surface 1200 square cm
  • filtering time: 1 hour per 270 litres (approximate)
  • 3 grades of pads: coarse, polish, and sterilizing
  • dimensions: 49 cm (length) x 26 cm (width) x 46 cm (height)
  • weight: 13 kilograms


Buon Vino Superjet Pads Coarse No 1 Pack of Three

Buon Vino Superjet Pads Polish No 2 Pack of Three

Buon Vino Superjet Sterile Pads No3 Pack of Three