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Astronaut Ms Sullivan in the airlock. Suggest a better picture for an airlock!

Airlocks and Demi John Corks, Rubber Bungs Etc

These are designed to fit the most common sizes. They are an essential part of your home brew equipment!

They are essential pieces of homebrew kit and do need replacing fairly often.

So, we've given you a discount if you buy bulk! We are nice people!

Some old homebrew books recommend that you put steriliser in the  airlock, we never bother, it gets blown out by the gas anyway!

Put a bit of water in the airlock and leave it alone, it should be obvious when it bubbles!

Don't confuse our bungs with those that footballers get, we'd never influence the outcome of the FA Cup. Unless Stockport County were in the final of course....


Airlock and Bung X 1

An airlock and bung to fit a glass demi-john

Universal Demi John Rubber Bung Solid

Fits most demi johns.

Universal Demi John Rubber Bung With Hole for Airlock

A rubber bung wiv an'ole.

Universal Demi John Cork Solid

Fits most demi johns- Made of cork


Universal Demi John Cork With Hole

A cork bung wiv an 'ole-

Plastic Bubbler Type Airlock

The most popular type of airlock and give a nice "plop" sound as they bubble!

Two Piece Airlock

These are the cheapest airlock

Rubber Grommet To take an airlock

Small red rubber grommet.

Rubber Fermenter, Carboy, Demijohn caps

Rubber caps to fit fermenters, water bottles, carboys and all many of things. Mainly for glass carboys but fit plastic ones as well.

Safety Corks That Fit The Standard Demi John

Used to be called the dry airlock. O.k. for short term storage, they don't dry out and they let any gas out if the wine starts fermenting again.

Spare Bung For Glass 25 Litre Carboy

A white rubber bung with hole