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A bit of an expensive way to heat your wine! Very cosy though!

Heaters For Beer and Winemaking

There's two main types. Thermostatic and not thermostatic.

A stick on thermometer is a quick easy way to check the temperature of your wine/beer!

The back of the fridge gives off a lot of heat, you may be able to stand your wine/beer on top of the fridge- this works very well for some people! ,


Stick on Thermometer

Sticks on the outside of the fermenter , if you're careful with the washing they last for years!

Brewbelt - 5 Gall/25 litre Non Thermostatic

An orange plastic belt that goes on the outside of the fermenter.

1 Gallon/Demi John Heating Tray

10w 1 Demijohn Heater. 15x15cm

2 Demijohn Electric Heating Tray Non Thermostatic

Hmm, well it fits two demi johns!

4 Demijohn Electric Heater tray

A bit bigger than the 25 litre tray, will take four Demi Johns easily or a bucket or a 5 gall fermenter.


25 Litre Heat Tray Non Thermostatic

Fits a 25 litre/5 gallon fermenter.

Immersion Heater-5gall/30 litre Thermostatic TE75

Fish tank type heater. The most efficient heater, made of glass and is immersed in the  wine/beer.

25 Litre/5 Gallon Round Blue Heating Pad Non Thermostatic

A different type of heating pad. 25 w so it doesn't take much juice  and made for a bucket or a fermenting bin.

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How to make a cheap wine or beer heater

For your information only! Emergency Heater!