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A bit of an expensive way to heat your wine! Very cosy though!

Beer and Wine Making Heaters

There's two main types. Thermostatic and not thermostatic.

Thermostatic means the heater switches itself off when the wine gets warm enough.

The thermostatic ones are pre-set to 24 C but are adjustable. They are a higher energy rating but if you lag the fermenter they actually work out more economic. Especially if you plan to use it in a garage or somewhere with no heat.

They are made of glass, so they're  fragile and you need to sterilise them because they sit in the  wine/beer

Some people don't like the thought of having electrical items in their wine/beer!

Non Thermostatic means they just get warm and stay switched on. A bit like a light bulb. If the weather gets hot they can overheat the wine, if it's cold the container needs to be lagged a bit, they are simple to use and since they go outside the fermenter don't need sterilising.

Both have their faults - Both have their good points!

A stick on thermometer is a quick easy way to check the temperature of your wine/beer!

The back of the fridge gives off a lot of heat, you may be able to stand your wine/beer on top of the fridge- this works very well for some people! I wouldn't try it with one of those tall larder fridges though...


Stick on Thermometer

Sticks on the outside of the fermenter , if you're careful with the washing they last for years!

Brewbelt - 5 Gall/25 litre Non Thermostatic


An orange plastic belt that goes on the outside of the fermenter.

You can move it up and down the container to alter the temperature a bit.   The blurb that comes with says it's ok from 5  C to 24 C. 

As a rough guide I'd say that if you're in shirt sleeves then turn it off, you don't need any heat!

If the house is very cold you might need to put a cover over the top of the fermenter to keep it warm- You need to use as thermometer at this point because the wine can get too hot when you do this-The stick on thermometers are  ideal for this!

We like the Brewbelts ,if you want something easy and simple to keep your beer nice and warm then this is it.

1 Gallon/Demi John Heating Tray

10w 1 Demijohn Heater. 15x15cm

Ideal for heating just one demijohn. If you put a Stick on Thermometer on the side you can keep a check on temperature of the wine easily.

Simple and easy, if you're sat around in shirt sleeves you won't need a heater but if it gets to pullover weather you may find the wine needs a bit of heat!

2 Demijohn Electric Heating Tray Non Thermostatic


Hmm, well it fits two demi johns!

Nice and easy to use and good if you just make wine in demi johns. Safe to use with plastic demi johns.

4 Demijohn Electric Heater tray


A bit bigger than the 25 litre tray, will take four Demi Johns easily or a bucket or a 5 gall fermenter.

A bit more adaptable than the fermenter tray, especially if you ferment lots of single gallons.

Ok for glass or plastic demi-johns!

If you put a stick on thermometer on one of the demi johns you'll know what temperature they are at a glance!

You can put an old jumper over the demijohns to raise the temperature a bit, make sure you let some air through or it soon gets too hot! We wouldn't recommend covering the heating tray!

You may need to experiment a bit to get the temperature where you prefer it, mostly they're ok just as they are!

Brewmaker 25 Litre Heat Tray Non Thermostatic


Fits a 25 litre/5 gallon fermenter.

The fermenter sits on the tray, it's best not to leave it on the tray longer than needed or it can cook the yeast into the wine/beer.

Very easy and simple to use-Look at the picture - It's the perfect size for  a fermenter.

Immersion Heater-5gall/30 litre Thermostatic TE75


Fish tank type heater. The most efficient heater, made of glass and is immersed in the  wine/beer.

75 watt and will heat up to 50 litres if the container is lagged.

Pre-set to 24 C , adjustable so you can tweak it up or down if you want.

We like to turn them down to about 23 C


It's suitable for a demijohn or a 5 gall fermenter. There's a rubber bung attached to the cable with a hole to take an airlock so it seals the  neck of the fermenter and you can still fit the airlock.

You can use these in a garage with no heating, as long as you lag the fermenting vessel, use a sleeping bag or a duvet. In a heated house there's no problem.


How to make a cheap wine or beer heater


For your information only! Emergency Heater!

25 Litre/5 Gallon Heating Pad Non Thermostatic


A different type of heating pad. 25 w so it doesn't take much juice  and made for a bucket or a fermenting bin.

Made for five gallon/ 23 litre kits so fine for most 40 pint beer kits and 30 bottle wine kits. Made out of soft flexible plastic and  a saving on the traditional type of mat.