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Funnels Jugs and Spoons

They may be a bit different in size but will be near enough!

If you want something we don't have please ask! We have a lot of plastic

jugs and funnels in stock


Essential stuff for any home brewer. We find a 2 pint jug a useful if not essential bit of kit


1 litre Plastic Jug

Clearish plastic jug with graduations.

Food grade

One Gall/5 litre Plastic Jug

A nice big plastic jug. Will take a kg of sugar and enough hot water to dissolve it!

Perfect for dissolving sugar for your brewing kits. Lots of other uses.

Nice heavy duty translucent plastic

Stainless Steel Bottling Funnel with Strainer 13 Cm

A stainless steel funnel, with a small pull out strainer

Parralell spout for perfect fit in beer or wine bottles


3" Plastic Funnel

Perfect size for bottling. Fits in neck of wine bottle,

We use them with a piece of 3/8 th syphon tube to make a telephone, a bit like the coco tin and string thing. Good fun with kids!


Fits into the neck of a wine bottle and is big enough to take  a small 15 cm filter paper.

12" Plastic Funnel

Use with a bucket , they're too big to fit in the neck of a Demi john. Useful for straining or pouring liquids about

Painted silver it makes a nice hat for a tin man as well.

Item may differ from one illustrated

Stainless Stirrer 61 cm

A nice stainless stirrer in stainless

61 Cm Stainless Spoon

A gorgeous big spoon for homebrewing made of stainless steel.

Plastic Spoon Large

A big plastic stirrer- These are the standard plastic spoon for stirring your beer or wine!

This is the older short type 46 cm long

Extra Long Plastic Spoon

The normal plastic homebrew spoon is always a bit too short for a five gallon bucket. This ones got a few extra inches! It's the one we've been waiting for. You'll throw away your short spoon when you have one of these! 61 cm long

Harris Filter Papers 15 cm pack of 50

Like coffee filter papers- about 6"

You need to make a sort of fan or they stick to the side of the funnel and you can't get any liquid through them.

Or use a couple of spoon handles to keep the paper off the funnel

Harris Filter Papers 24cm pack of 25