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Barrels and Beer Shifters -Bury St Edmund- We can shift beer on our own we don't need to get a man in.

Barrels Valves and Spares

Lots of home brew pressure barrels and every spare you'll ever need-Just ask if you're not sure.

There's three pressure barrel systems.

The pin valve- The first three barrels use this system.It's best for internet customers. Uses the small 8gm Co2 Soda  syphon bulbs. Easy and simple. 

The S 30 Valve- Uses the refillable S30 Cylinder. Means you have to send the empty cylinder back. Better system but a nuisance bringing the  cylinders back- Best for shop customers

The Cornelius system -Uses it's own system. We've given it it's own page


There's a nice article about barrels and gas at the bottom of the page Here


Barrel Gas Conversion Kit with 2" Cap, 10 Gas bulbs , Bulb Holder and Stainless Valve

Converts the standard 2" neck barrel to gas use.

Sodastream Conversion KIt From £14.50

For soda stream to normal S30 beer barrel

If you have a pin valve you will need to include a new cap in the package options.

Standard Home Brew Beer Barrel and Gas System 5 Gall/40 Pint

A complete pressure barrel, gas injection system and gas.


King Keg Beer Barrel with Pin Valve Gas System and Gas 5 Gall/40 Pint

A complete pressure barrel,gas injection system and gas for any 5 gall or 40 pint beer kit.

King Keg Top Tap Barrel ,Pin Valve Gas and Gas System 5 Gall/40 Pint

A complete top tap pressure barrel, gas injection system and gas for any 5 gall or 40 pint beer kit.



2 " Neck Pressure Beer Barrel 40 Pints Pin Valve/S 30/ No Valves

Choice of Three Cap Options- Most Popular Barrel

Rotokeg Barrel With Combined Stainless Steel Gas Injection and Pressure Relief Valve

This really is an excellent barrel.

Baby Barrel - Two gallon

The Baby! It's the small one in the picture! Takes two gallons, Perfect for barley wines or small special brews.

Brewferm Mini Keg Starter Set Party Star Deluxe

A pressure system using three 5 litre steel kegs from Mini Keg

Spares for the Mini Keg System

Which Type Of Home Brew Pressure Barrel Do You Want?

We'll try to help you!

Here's  a run down of different gas systems and barrel types with their pros and cons.It might help you to decide!

Cap Spanner Plastic To Fit The King Keg

A spanner to fit the King Keg Barrel-Top not included!

Pack of 10 8 Gm Co2 Soda Syphon Type Bulbs

Pack of ten bulbs that fit the barrels above.

Pack of Ten 8g N20 Nitrous Oxide Bulbs

Pack of ten Nitrous Oxide bulbs.

Pack of Five 16g Co2 Bulbs

These are the bigger 16g bulbs to fit the cornelius injectors

and the tap-a-draft system

S30 Refillable Co2 Gas Cylinder or Refil

  The S30 Cylinder only fits  the S30 valves

Rotokeg spare 4" cap with stainless valve

Fits the Rotokeg barrel and quite  a few others

Spare red cap and seal for Hambleton Bard barrel

The red cap for the old HAmbleton barrels.

Spare 2" Cap Complete with Stainless Steel valves

This fits most barrels with a 2" neck.  Anything under 10 years old it will fit


4" Black Plastic Beer Barrel Cap with Valve

If it's made of black plastic then it's probably this one.

Barrels that it won't fit are, Hambleton Bard, Saffron, Boots or the old barrel that lies on it's side

Complete with valves

Pin Valve or S30 Valve?

Is yours a pin valve or an S30 valve?

Look at the picture!

Pin valve is for the small 8gm co2 bulbs

S30 is for the big refillable cylinders

Combined Injection and Pressure Relief Valve PIn Valve Type Now Stainless Steel

Pin Valve for Homebrew Pressure beer barrels


Combined Injection and Pressure Relief Valve S30 Type Now Stainless Steel

If it looks like this then it will work. Check it's not the pin valve type above though!

It replaces most valves either brass or aluminium.

It won't work on the beer sphere with 2 stainless plates

Brass Injection valve - S30 Type for Refillable Gas Cylinder only

If your cap has two valves on then one of them will probably be this one.

Co2 8 Gm Gas Bulb Holder For Pin Valve with Stainless Threads

Plastic Screw on holder for the small Co2 8Gm Bulb

Washer/seal only set for combined valve (4 in total) Valves not included

  Washers to fit the pin/ S30 valve

Set of Spare Seals for Two valve cap

Two of each of the orange, yellow and white rubber valves seals.

Pressure Beer Barrel Tap - Lever Type

Fits nearly every barrel where the tap screws into the barrel directly. The barrel itself is threaded.

If there's a nut on the back of the tap then you want the other tap

Replacement Black Drum Tap with nut for Pressure Barrel

A new type of barrel tap. Nut on the back so it fits most barrels with a blank (Non Threaded)hole. It fits a 26 MM hole .

Drum Tap and Nut

Fits nearly every barrel and fermenter where the tap has a nut on the back.


Barrel Float-Fits All

The floats have changed a bit over the years, yours might look a lot different but this will work.

If you have a float then this will replace it.

Cap Washer-4" Black Cap

Bit tricky this as they don't fit all caps and they look the same. it does fit most though.

If it's a black cap then it's probably this washer

4" Cap Washer Red or White Cap

And this one fits most of the red and white 4" caps

This one for the old red caps, it doesn't fit most of the black or green caps, you want the other one for  them.

Cap Washer Flat white 2"

Look at the old washer, if it's white and flat, not round in section then it's this one

Cornelius System

We've moved the cornelius system to its own page