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Barrels and Beer Shifters -Bury St Edmund- We can shift beer on our own we don't need to get a man in.

Barrels Valves and Spares

Lots of home brew pressure barrels and every spare you'll ever need-Just ask if you're not sure.

There's three pressure barrel systems.

The pin valve- The first three barrels use this system.It's best for internet customers. Uses the small 8gm Co2 Soda  syphon bulbs. Easy and simple. Also used on the Tappadraft.

The S 30 Valve- Uses the refillable S30 Cylinder. Means you have to send the empty cylinder back. Better system but a nuisance bringing the  cylinders back- Best for shop customers

The Cornelius system -Uses it's own system. We've given it it's own page


There's a nice article about barrels and gas at the bottom of the page Here


Barrel Gas Conversion Kit with 2" Cap, 10 Gas bulbs , Bulb Holder and Stainless Valve

Gas bulbs,stainless pin valve and holder

Converts the standard 2" neck barrel to gas use.

2" cap with stainless injector pin valve and pressure relief valve

Bulb holder with stainless thread insert

10 co2 bulbs

Fits most 2" neck barrels bought in the  last 5 years! Your cap is probably a white one.  They're all the same thread whether bought from Morrison's or your local shop. This will convert your barrel to one that takes the small throw away soda syphon type bulbs.When the barrel starts to lose pressure, usually when you've drunk half of it, add a gas bulb! Screw it on using the holder and the whole lot empties at one go. You usually need 1 to 3 to empty a barrel, if you use more the barrel is probably leaking.




Standard Home Brew Beer Barrel and Gas System 5 Gall/40 Pint


A complete pressure barrel, gas injection system and gas.

Complete system that holds over 40 pints of beer so suitable for any 40 pint home brew beer kit.

Barrel, pressure injector, bulb holder and ten Co2  bulbs

Uses the small 8 gm Co2 Bulbs - Standard size easily available.

Co2 Gas bulb goes off with a bit of a blast! Just screw it well down and let go when the gas starts to go!

A complete set for home brew beer. The standard 2" neck barrel, a complete pressure injection system and ten Co2 bulbs.

The Co2 bulbs are those things that look like bullets round the bottom of the barrel!

It's a nice easy to use system - The standard barrel is reliable and good value. Under the right conditions you won't need to add gas until the barrel is half empty!

For best results add 50 gram of sugar when barrelling the beer. This keeps the beer fermenting and produces a good natural gas. Then leave about a week in the warm before moving to a cool place.The beer should come out about half head and half beer! When it starts to flow with no head just pop a gas bulb on and charge up the barrel.

You're replacing the beer you've drunk with gas rather than trying to actually gas  the beer! It's called top pressure dispense and is the best way for real ale!


King Keg Beer Barrel with Pin Valve Gas System and Gas 5 Gall/40 Pint


A complete pressure barrel,gas injection system and gas for any 5 gall or 40 pint beer kit.

The King Keg 4" neck barrel , means you can get your hand inside to clean the barrel!

King Keg barrel, pressure injector and ten Co2 bulbs

Uses the small Co2 bulbs- Standard size and easily obtainable

This is a complete set up using the King Keg Barrel. The King Keg has a nice big 4" neck so you can get your hand inside. It's a bit bigger than the standard barrel which means there's a bit more room at the top when it's full of beer.

Same gas system as the standard barrel, simple easy to use 8gm Co2 Bulbs-Easily obtainable.

Breweries call this gap "Ullage" Some breweries have more Ullage than others, we'd call it short measure!

You need some Ullage to allow for the storage of the natural Co 2 produced by the beer, the King Keg has the gap  about right for homebrew purposes!

King Keg Top Tap Barrel ,Pin Valve Gas and Gas System 5 Gall/40 Pint


A complete top tap pressure barrel, gas injection system and gas for any 5 gall or 40 pint beer kit.

King Keg top tap barrel has a float system inside. It draws the beer off the top which is supposed to allow you drink the beer sooner!


Same as the bottom tap keg except the tap is at the  top! Why is it different? Well....

The top Tap King Keg - The top tap means the barrel can go at the back of a shelf. The bottom tap barrels have to hang over the edge of a shelf or you can't get your pint pot underneath.

The big trouble is that it depends on the  gas pressure to force the beer out so it's heavier on gas and if you run out of gas you can't get the beer out!

I'd always go for a bottom tap barrel unless you really need it to go at the back of a shelf or on the floor.

2 " Neck Pressure Beer Barrel 40 Pints Pin Valve/S 30/ No Valves




Choice of;

 1   Pin Valve-Most Popular (For the small 8Gm co2 bulbs)

2   S30 Valve (For the refillable Hambleton Bard Cylinders)

3   No Valves (For no gas system, but does have a pressure relief valve)

 These are good quality barrels and many people have had there's for years! You can always buy replacement tops, valves etc.

 2" neck doesn't tend to lose pressure, you can't get your hand inside though.

It's actually about 45 pints so there's plenty of room for a 40 pint kit

Rotokeg Barrel With Combined Stainless Steel Gas Injection and Pressure Relief Valve


This really is an excellent barrel.

If you want a top tap barrel for your home brew beer then look no further.Comes with a float system so it draws the beer off the top.

Big wide neck, solidly made and good valve system

Complete with combined injection and pressure relief valve systems

Can  be used with either the refillable s30 type valve or the pin valve. For internet customers we'd suggest the pin valve!

Top tap means it can go at the back of shelf, or on the floor!

Baby Barrel - Two gallon


The Baby! It's the small one in the picture! Takes two gallons, Perfect for barley wines or small special brews.

We'll supply either with or without the brass injection valve!

We've now given you the option on the valve type- You'll want the pin valve for the smallsoda syphon type gas bulbs.

The S 30 is for the refillable co2 cylinders that have to be returned to us.

Muntons Tap-a-draft System 40 Pint Beer Pressure system


We love this system! It's four x  6 litre/10 pint  pet bottles and an injector system that takes the 16g throw away co bulbs.

You can force carbonate and drink the beer the same day!

Fill and store the beer in the 4 pet bottle in the kit and then gas up when you want to drink!

Cheaper and simpler than the cormelius system!

Fits in the fridge as well!

  • Four 6 litre/10 pint pet pressure bottles (Enough for 40 pints of beer!)
  • 4x 16g  Co2 gas bulbs
  • 1 x Unique gas injector and dispense adaptor for the bottles
  • Takes a full 5 gallons, 40 pints! 10 pints each bottle
  • Fits in fridge
  • Takes the 16g co2 soda syphon bulbs
  • Use Nitrogen bulbs for creamy top beer!

Tap-a Draft Cooling Blanket and Ice Packs


Gadget for your tap-a-draft

It's a nice bag with 16 small freezer packs in it.

You freeze the whole bag and pop the tap-a-draft in afterwards!

Icy Cold Beer!

  This is the bag only- Tap-a-draft not included

Spares and extras for the Tap-a-draft


All the spares and accessories for the tap a draft!

You'll need the 8 gm bulbs if your system takes two co2  bulbs

And the 16g bulbs if it's the newer system that takes just one co2 bulb

Brewferm Mini Keg Starter Set Party Star Deluxe


A pressure sytem using three 5 litre steel kegs from Mini Keg

You get 3 x % litre steel mini kegs

A Party Star Deluxe Pressure injecting tap and beer dispense unit

A pack of 5 16g Co 2 Bulbs

Three Spare Rubber Pressure release seals

A complete pressure dispense system using the 16g co2 bulbs (Non Threaded)

Spares for the Mini Keg System


Which Type Of Home Brew Pressure Barrel Do You Want?


We'll try to help you!

Here's  a run down of different gas systems and barrel types with their pros and cons.It might help you to decide!

Top Tap pressure  barrel ---Means you draw the beer off the top of the barrel. The idea is that the beer clears from the  top down so the beer is clearer at the  top. Works on a float system. There's a float in the barrel with a pipe from the back of the tap to the float. The barrel can go at the back of the shelf---But....You have to use  gas to get the beer out, run out of gas, run out of beer! Also you can just put a piece of wood under the front of  bottom tap barrel so it slopes backwards. You just take it out when the beer gets near the bottom of the barrel!


Bottom Tap Pressure Barrel---You can still get beer out if you run out of gas! Hooray! But... Draws beer off bottom of barrel..Just put a book under the front of the barrel so the sediment runs to the back. Take the book out when the beer gets near the bottom of the barrel. If you run out of gas you can just loosen the cap and let a bit of air in. We'd go for a bottom tap beer barrel every time. Big disadvantage is that it has to hang over the edge of a shelf so you can get the beer out of the tap!

Why do you need Gas in your home brew beer barrel? - When you drink the beer it causes a vacuum which sucks the gas out of the beer, so,the beer goes flat. You put a bit of gas in to create top pressure which means the beer stays nice and gassed. You're not injecting gas in the beer, just keeping the beer fresh. Without gas you have to let air in so the beer will come out!

Letting air in makes  the  beer go off very quickly-- In about a week usually.

So, We have two types of gas system.

Soda Syphon Bulb/Pin Valve Uses the small 8gm Co2 bulbs  --- Easy to use, just screw a small gas bulb on to the barrel when you need it. There's a small adaptor to hold the gas bulb.Throw away the bulb after it's empty. Cheap easy and simple. The valve has a pin inside which pieces the gas bulb. If you look inside the top of the valve you should see it.  If your barrel leaks you'll go through a lot of gas, but the system is very good.

S30 Valve and S30 refillable cylinder-- Add just the amount of gas you need and take the cylinder off- cheap to run once you buy it. You have to return the empty cylinder  to us for refil which is a nuisance. The gas is cheap to buy and because the cylinder reseals you put in just what you need so you don't over gas the beer.  It's not very convenient unless you can get into the shop.

Cap Spanner Metal To Fit The King Keg

A spanner to fit the King Keg Barrel-Top not included!

Only suitable for the king keg, makes taking the cap off your KIng Keg nice and easy!

Look at the picture and make sure it's the same cap though!

Pack of 10 8 Gm Co2 Soda Syphon Type Bulbs


Pack of ten bulbs that fit the barrels above.They are standard. Yes I know there's nine on the picture, there will be ten in your pack! I used one on me beer. We've put them in a nice star pattern but they will come in a box..

Pack of Ten 8g N20 Nitrous Oxide Bulbs


Pack of ten Nitrous Oxide bulbs.

Adds a creamy head to beers, some does get absorbed if you use it on a beer barrel!

This is also known as laughing gas which is why we've got this comment below.

We know this stuff is abused  so we won't send it to you unless you're a customer we know or you're buying other home brew stuff.


Pack of Five 16g Co2 Bulbs


These are the bigger 16g bulbs to fit the cornelius injectors

and the tap-a-draft system

The 50p isn't included! You can see they're bigger than the usual ones and are not interchangeable.

S30 Refillable Co2 Gas Cylinder or Refil


  As you drink the beer from the barrel it creates a vacuum which sucks the gas out of the beer. When you're about half way down the barrel the beer comes out flat and it may suck air in through the tap to allow the beer out. At this point the beer starts to go flat.

The cylinder allows you to replace the beer with gas, putting top pressure on the beer so the last pint is as good as the first

You screw it on the barrel and give a quick burst of gas. Then take it off.

You buy a full cylinder and you return it  when empty. It only fits the S30 valve barrels .. . We'll send the replacement cylinder for 5.00 post, plus cost of gas-Free shipping if the  order is over 60.00.

Obviously if you order a few kits you'll get free shipping and save some money!

The post office don't like gas cylinders, you'll have to return using a carrier.

Widget World Midget Widget Gas Cylinder and Refils


The refils and new cylinders  for the Midget Widget System,

This gas cylinder only works with the Midget Widget System-

We only have the gas, no spares or other items

Please send the old cylinder back to us and let us know you have done so before ordering.



Rotokeg spare 4" cap with stainless valve


Fits the Rotokeg barrel and quite  a few others- If it's under ten years old this will probably fit.

It the barrel is about 20 years old it's time you bought a new one skinflint.

Pin valve is for the small co2 bulbs, s30 valve is for the refillable Hambleton Bard Cylinder

Spare red cap and seal for Hambleton Bard barrel


If your barrel has a 4" red cap like the one  in the picture then this is the cap! Yours may have two valves, the replacements now just have the one combined valve,. You can choose the pin valve for the throw away Co2 Bulbs or the old S30 type.

The pin valve allows you to use the small disposable co2 bulbs

There were actually some white caps that looked like this, and this will replace them as well.

  Be careful as some red caps were 2" !

Now complete with a Stainless Valve

Spare 2" Cap complete with Stainless Steel valves


This fits most barrels with a 2" neck.  Anything under 10 years old it will fit

Your valve may be brass but these are better!

If it's too small to get your hand in then it's this cap.

There are some old barrels which it doesn't fit!

YOu can have it with a pin valve for the 8gm Co 2 Bulb  or for S30 Refillable cylinder--

4" Black Plastic Beer Barrel Cap with Valve


If it's made of black plastic then it's probably this one.

Barrels that it won't fit are, Hambleton Bard, Saffron, Boots or the old barrel that lies on it's side

Complete with valves

Choice of S30 or Pin Valve, look at the description of the valve on this page to work out which you want!

Pin Valve or S30 Valve?


Is yours a pin valve or an S30 valve?

Look at the picture!

Pin valve is for the small 8gm co2 bulbs

S30 is for the big refillable cylinders

If you click on the picture it will be easier to see! It's obvious which valve is which once you know!

You can see the  pin inside the pin valve and just a hole in the  S30 valve

Combined Injection and Pressure Relief Valve PIn Valve Type


Pin Valve for Homebrew Pressure beer barrels

Looks like  the valve above but has a pin for piercing the  small 8gm Co2 Bulbs. Make sure you order the right valve!

Combined Injection and Pressure Relief Valve S30 Type


If it looks like this then it will work. Check it's not the pin valve type above though!

It replaces most valves either brass or aluminium.

It won't work on the beer sphere with 2 stainless plates

Combined inlet and Pressure Relief Stainless Valve with collar- Pin valve or S 30


 The old ones were brass or alloy.  .

They also  fit the beer spheres with the two stainless plates, you don't use the collar with the sphere.

The pin valve means you can use the throw away co2 bulbs. You'll need the bulb holder though

Brass Injection valve - S30 Type for Refillable Gas Cylinder only


If your cap has two valves on then one of them will probably be this one.

This is the injection/inlet valve

It's also used on some cornelius kegs

There is no pressure relief in this valve, it must have a separate pressure relief valve on the barrel.

Pressure Relief Valve Only We've not seen these for a while they may be discontinued..


It's off the two valve caps.

You can also use it to replace pressure relief valve on some of the old caps.

Co2 8 Gm Gas Bulb Holder For Pin Valve with Stainless Threads


Plastic Screw on holder for the small Co2 8Gm Bulb

These are the ones with the  stainless steel thread inserts and last a lot longer than the plastic ones

Screws directly onto the Pin Valve on your barrel. The threads on them don't last forever so you need a spare one!

Old Beersphere/Rotokeg Gasket

Fits the old beersphere and rotokeg barrels with the plates on the top
It's been 20 years since we sold these barrels, but for you people who like the old school stuff, here they are!

Washer/seal only set for combined valve (4 in total) Valves not included


  Washers to fit the pin/ s30 valve

Two of the pressure relief sleeve and one each of the other seals.

The pressure relief is the  one that goes first and the one you're likely to damage when you fit it, so, you get two!

The same seals fit all three valves, takes yours off the barrel and look at it. You'll find if looks like these then the seals will fit.

They're hard to get on but a bit of petroleum jelly usually does the job!

Don't put petroleum jelly on the big black washer as it's a friction fit.



Set of Spare Seals for Two valve cap


Two of each of the orange, yellow and white rubber valves seals.

Fits the valves on the barrels which have two valves on the lid.

They are the only yellow rubbers so if yours has a yellow rubber then it's these spares!

Pressure Beer Barrel Tap - Lever Type


Fits nearly every barrel where the tap screws into the barrel directly. The barrel itself is threaded.

If there's a nut on the back of the tap then you want the other tap

Replacement Drum Tap with Nut-Not for pressure use!


Drum type tap for water butts etc.

Replaces the old type! Has nice easy flo action and you can control the flow of the beer much better to reduce frothing the beer glass.

New type tap, replaces the old drum type. For most barrels and containers. It will just drop in the same hole as the tap above.

It won't work in containers/barrels with a threaded hole, only those where the tap has a nut and they  're not suitable for pressure use.

Replacement Black Drum Tap with nut for Pressure Barrel

A new type of barrel tap. Nut on the back so it fits most barrels with a blank (Non Threaded)hole. It fits a 26 MM hole .

Replacement tap for the white plastic tap, will only fit your barrel if it has a non threaded hole!

You can get the 1/2" Diameter tube on this tap which is most  useful.

The nozzle on the tap doesn't  turn when you turn it on and off so it's perfect for fitting the extra tube..

If you click more details you'll find the tube to fit!

Drum Tap and Nut


Fits nearly every barrel and fermenter where the tap has a nut on the back.


Old type drum tap.....

Barrel Float-Fits All


The floats have changed a bit over the years, yours might look a lot different but this will work.

If you have a float then this will replace it.

Cap Washer-4" Black Cap


Bit tricky this as they don't fit all caps and they look the same. it does fit most though.

If it's a black cap then it's probably this washer

4" Cap Washer Red or White Cap


And this one fits most of the red and white 4" caps

This one for the old red caps, it doesn't fit most of the black or green caps, you want the other one for  them.

Cap Washer Flat white 2"


Look at the old washer, if it's white and flat, not round in section then it's this one

2" Cap Washer Blue Sorry No Longer Available

Look at your old washer, it will be round in section and blue or clear

Widget World

We've always thought the widget world system was good but very badly managed and overpriced- 

The  bit of Widget World that supplied the homebrew market stopped trading, we suspected it would.

Ritchie products have taken over the gas refils, they are very nice people and we can offer the gas refils again.

Please ask -- refils will be with us soon. The rest of the system is not available at the moment


Cornelius System


We've moved the cornelius system to its own page


Pressure Gauge