homebrew cleaner
Here at thebrewshop we believe in keeping it clean...

Cleaners and Sterilisers

We'd suggest that for everyday home brew use you just buy the Ritchie Steriliser, for both wine and beer.

It;s cheap easy and doesn't give off fumes. 

They use to go mad about cleaning in all the old books. It is important but as long as  the bits that touch your wine and beer are clean it's ok!

There is also the new boy, Chemipro Oxi- It's a new steriliser for the home brew market.

It says it cleans with oxygen and doesn't need rinsing off. We like it!


Ritchie Steriliser and Cleaner

Richies Cleaner and Steriliser-This tends to be the one we use.

VWP Cleaner Steriliser

VWP Cleaner steriliser from Clean Tabs Ltd

VWP Dual Purpose Cleaner Sterilser Commercial Bulk Pack

4kg of VWP -Good cleaner

Chemipro Oxi 1 kg

Uses oxygen to sterilise, lots of beer makers prefer it



Star San Steriliser

Star San, popular steriliser

No rinse steriliser, for final rinse, it's strong so it goes a long way.

Phosphoric Acid 75% 250ml

Used for yeast washing, speciality stuff.

Five Star PBW Cleaner 450 g

Easy RInse Cleaner