mashing for homebrew
An old brass hydrometer- life was more complicated in those days!

Mashing and Grain Brewing Equipment

Lots of great equipment for  microbrewery style mashing and sparging.

From the starter home brew to the serious micro brewer

Mashing and sparging at home is easy! This equipment will make it a success.

We've seen the change in th elast couple of years to the all in one micro breweries and we've given them their own page here- Speidel Braumeister and Bulldog Brewers

They are a simple and easy route to mashing and we recommend them!

 Remember 5% discount will be taken off any order over  £105.00


All most people need is a boiler,mash tun and a cooling coil, if you  want to mash beer and just want a simple and easy pack of equipment just buy the bruheat boiler, the wort chiller and mash tun.You don't need to read any further down the page! We've put them together  as a special buy on the  first item



Plastic Conicals-- We have these in stock on the Fermenter Page


Special bulk buy price! Digital Boiler, Insulated Mash Tun and Copper Cooling Coil

The new digital boiler, the 30 litre mash tun and the cooling coil for a budget price ! Remember you'll get a further 5% at the check out as well! Makes this a great bargain!

This is the new digital boiler with the 32 litre capacity.

The insulated mash tun with mashing bazooka and tap

The copper cooling coil.

This is the best set up for a 5 gallon/40 pints mash system.

Bulldog Brewer Craft Brewing System 5% Discount at checkout!


Bulldog craft Brewing System, they took the Grainfather, simplified it put a tap on it  and halved the price

You get 5% discount on this item at check out and this discount applies to the whole order! Big savings for you!

The Bulldog Brewer-- |Everything you need to brew in one package.

Easy and simple to use, the Bulldog Brewer has the Boiler, cooling coil, pump, sparge container at a very competitive price!

There's more about it here with more pictures!

Bulldog Brewer, Grainfather and Accessories are here


Electrim Peco Mashing and Boiling Bin 32 Litre


Electrim Boilers  for boiling and mashing. Made of temperature stable plastic. This is a cheap and effective way of  heating water for mashing. The thermostat means that the liquid will hit the right temperature for the grain. You'll really need a mashing bag or a mash tun .If you're going to use the thermostat for mashing  the grain can burn on the element. We prefer to use the Brupaks insulated mash tun which you need as well as the boiler!  After mashing you can then boil the liquor, using an extension lead you can get the boiler outside, which may be helpful in reducing smells! Have a look at the hop strainer listed below as well.

This works on a mechanical temperature control device, ranges from

This is the 32 Litre boiler with the 2.4 kw heating element, it's got the new style thermostat and the big steel holding nut for the element. It's a big improvement on the old one.

NEW!! Electrim Peco Digital Boiler and Mashing Bin 32 Litre



A digital mashing/boiling bin from Electrim. Bigger 6 gallon capacity

Internal sensor for improved temerature control

2.4 kw Plugs into a standard mains supply

These are new and look like the way to go for the 40 pint brewery.The control unit/thermostat has a digital display and will maintain the temperature +/- 1degree! From 0 to 100.

You just set the temperature on the easy to use unit and the display shows the temperature of the mash and maintains it easily.

The display unit is seperate from the  boiler so it can sit on a worktop while the  boiler is on the  floor, a lot safer when you're handling boiling liquids

You can set it to a rolling boil easily enough as well, that 32 litre capacity means there's no frothing over.

Price includes the sensor unit and the boiler, all leads , everything!

Also has the new steel nut holding the element, much better than the old plastic one.

A big improvement!


Gas Boiler Sparge, Stainless Cooling Coil and Mash Kit


A set up for a garage or shed where's no electricty

Also boils faster than the electric boilers!

The propane burner is hot hot hot! So watch what you put it on! It's really for outdoors use but there's no wind guard,so if you use it outdoors you may  have to make a wind break with a pile of bricks or other non flammable items!

If you use it indoors you need to keep a very close eye on it as there's no auto cutout on the gas. If the gas goes out the gas keeps flowing, same as some gas cookers but you do have to aware of it.

  • Here's what you get!
  •  32 litre stainless boiling pan with tap and hop strainer
  • Stainless Wort Chiller
  • Propane Gas Cooker 5Kw
  • Insulated Mash Tun 32 litre with sparging filter

Nice big stainless boiling pan with a  good base to take all the heat off the propane burner! You'll need a propane cylinder and a regulator - get them from a camping shop-

A Lovely insulated mash tun, with a sparging filter inside so you can mash and sparge in the same vessel.

A stainless steel wort chiller, you'll need an adaptor to get it on your tap, again camping centres!

It's a nice easy set up that will allow you to make your own all grain beer in a garage or shed!



Twenty Litre Pan for Mashing and Boiling


Fits a domestic cooker. Good Quality pan for making small brews at home


Xian shows the handy size of the 20 litre pan

32 LitreWort Boiling Pan with Welded Handles


A basic 32 litre pan, no tap.

Cheap and useful!  Essential piece of boiling kit, no tap but you can just use a jug to get the beer out!

Good for your homebrew beer kits as well as for mashing

The beer bottle is there to give you an idea of size..It's an IPA with biscuit malt.

Beer Wort Boiling Pan 32 Litre With Tap and Strainer


A nice stainless pan with a good tap to boil your kits or grain beers. 32 Litres, perfect size for a 40 pint/23 litre brew

Good quality base.

Includes tap and a stainless hop strainer which means that the tap actually works without  clogging up!

Perfect for the small home brewer or micro brewer.

Will fit on a standard cooker or hob or use with the small propane burner for an easy garage set up.

Takes all the mess out of the kitchen and boils very fast!

Heavy Duty Stainless Boiling and Mash Pans


A lot heavier than the cheaper pans, with a 5mm sandwiched base.

They are suitable for heavy use on a propane cooker.

If you intend to do lot of brewing these are a sensible alternative- The cheaper pans are fine for normal domestic use!

They come with or without tap! Please make sure you order the right one.

The taps are stainless 1/2" with thread and complete with a stainless hop stainer which makes running the  beer off nice and easy! The tap doesn't get clogged by the hops!

These pans are heavy when full and you you should not be even thinking about lifting them up when fulll of boiling liquid

Brupaks Electric Plastic Boiler 29 Litres


Brupaks boiler- 29 litres. Very popular Plastic boiler. 2kw with fitted hop strainer.

Just plugs into a mains socket, takes the same current as an electric kettle

It's a more robust version of the Bruheat plastic boiler

These are gorgeous, they replace the old enamelled boilers and are strong and easy to use.

It's got a good stainless tap and a stainless hop filter as well.


brupak boiler

A sneaky look inside the brupaks boiler, you can see the nice stainless mesh for stopping the hops clogging up the tap.

Stainless Steel Electric Boilers From 55 to 110 litres


Stainless Steel Electric Boiler. These are the best!  They have either a one or  two 3kw element and come complete with lid , tap and hop strainer. Usually in stock . Requires a bit of wiring, the manufacturer suggests you use an electrician to wire up the thermostat. Comes with a simple wiring diagram, it's like wiring a plug.
We've been using one of these and the insulated mash tun and found it's much easier than messing about with bags.Hop strainer included

You'll need the 75 to make 50 litres of beer! It's a good size and heats up fast with the two elements


Stainless Steel Tanks -Suitable for Gas Cookers


These are big stainless tanks, ok for mashing or boiling.

They are suitable for propane cookers.

You can get by with a 50 litre tank to mash 50 litres of beer.

If you're boiling you'll need the 75 for 50 litres of beer.

Otherwise it froths up over the top and everywhere and makes a right mess.

250 Litre Stainless Fermenting/Boiling vessels With Stainless TAp SPECIAL!!!


We've got these in stock, they're excellent quality

and come with stainless taps and stainless dust lids

Taps are the good quality ball type.

65x 85 cm - allow a bit for the tap

Good quality stainless steel , stainless tap and a dust lid. These are from an order that was cancelled so they are at a great price, we have 5 in stock enough to make a decent small brewery

Delivery will be expensive and is not included, please email us to discuss delivery price or arrange for collection yourself!

Propane Gas Cooker 8.5 Kw


Uses the propane cylinder and regulator off the BBQ or caravan. Cooking surface area 226 x 285 mm

Produces 33 Kw of heat, easily heats up to 50 litres of liquid, can be used out doors to save steam peeling the wallpaper off in the house.

Must be used on a safe surface as it does put out a lot of heat!

You'll need the red propane cylinder and a regulator. Must be used outdoors but there's no flame guard so the wind will catch it.

You can make a wind gaurd with a few bricks or anything non flammable

Propane Cooker 7 Kw For indoor Use


7 Kw propane cooker.

Fitted with a thermocouple and cut out so if the gas goes out it turns off- This is an important safety device!

Recommended if you're using it in the house or brew room, microbrewery etc.

You'll need a regulator and a tank of propane from your local gas supplier, most camping places, Go Outdoors etc supply this.

Obviously there's a lot of heat given out so you'lll need to put it on a concrete floor! Not Wooden!

Propane Burner 5Kw

Propane Burner 5KW for home brew use

A small prppane gas ring for outdoor use. Like the ones the scouts use, it gives out 5 KW of heat.

It's a bit small for anything over 10 gallons, it's perfect for a 6 gallon or under brew.

Connects to those orange propane cylinders, you'll need a regulator of course with the cylinder, your gas provider will sell them.  Go Outdoors etc supply this.

Copper Wort Chiller 20cm DIa


It's a big copper coil that will fit in the boiler above.

It cools the boiling liquid down to fermenting temperature in about 20 mins.

It stops bacterial infections from getting in - As can happen when you leave it to cool overnight.

You could make one by wrapping copper tube around the Dyson tube- if you want a nice job then buy this  one!

Stainless Wort Chiller 20Cm DIa SPECIAL OFFER!!


Nice small stainless wort chiller

Thin wall stainless for good heat transfer

20cm diameter coil by 37 Cmm high overall.

Good size for 25 litre brews!

Stainless Steel Wort Chiller Coil

Chiller coil in stainless! Woo!

NIce and large, this baby is 27cm x 27cm - That's just the coil itself , the inlet and outlet pipes add another 27cm

Reall big useful size for fast efficient cooling

Counterflow Wort Chiller Stainless 36 Plate

With 1/2" barb fittings for wort in and out and water in and out.

Really fast wort chiller for bigger brews!

Easiest on a gravity feed with the  flow controlled on a tap-We've got 1/2" tubing and a tap on the syphons page that fits nicely, the tube goes a bit soft with the hot wort but works ok.

Can also be used with a pump but if you force it too much you'll distort the plates- Take it easy, if you go too fast it doesn't cool the wort properly!

9" long

Counterflow Wort Chiller 12 Plate with adaptors

Counterflow wort chiller
8x20cm by 35mm thick

Homebrew version of a professional plate heat exchanger with 12 stainless steel plates . No pump required (gravity feed is sufficient). Cools 20 litres of hot wort to 20°C in under 10 minutes!!!
Compact and neat, wort in and out. Cold water from the tap, in and out. Simple heat exchange sytem.

Connections are standard 3/4" BSP
Supplied with screw on connections to fit push on plastic tube like the ones on the back of the washing machine, so you can choose either screw or push fit.

Plenty efficient enough for 5 gallon to 10 gallon brews

Brupaks Insulated Mash Tun-30 Litre 10Kg Grain


Brupaks insulated mash tun, mashes up to 10 kg of grain, tip the grain in add hot water and it holds it at temperature without the need for reheating. This stops the formation of hot spots and burning that you can get when you mash in the boiling tub.
We've been playing with this and it really makes things easy. Heat the (3 gall) water up about 10 degrees hotter than the mash temp. Pour it into the mash tun and then add the grain, that drops the temp by about 10 degrees. You can then leave it to mash.

An alternative is to heat the grain and water first and then add the hot grist (grain and water!) to the mash tun.
The flange in the bottom of the mash tun means you can pour on the sparge water and run off the liquor without transfer to a bag, nice and easy!

Now has a stainless grain strainer, much better!

Again, you can make one easy enough but the nice people at Brupaks have saved you trouble

30 litre Lauter Tun-Mashing and Sparging SPECIAL OFFER!!


Lovely lauter tun, has stainless perforated disc at the bottom.

Well made and easy to use. If you lag it with the duvet the temperature will remain constant.

Just fill with hot water at 75c and stir in the grain, no more messing about with bags! If you click on the picture you'll see a photo of the inside as well

45 Litre Mash Tun De Luxe


Nice big size for those stronger brews where the 30 litre is a bit under capacity.

Nice stainless ball valve, perforated stainless strainer and fully insulated.

It is of course a converted picnic cooler, it s been done very well and saves you a lot of messing about!

We like it!

Stainless Steel Mash Tun With False Bottom

It's a stainless boiler of various capacity with false bottom already fitted

We've fitted the false bottom so you don't have to think about how to do it.

We've used the better quality tap with the ball valve as it was difficult to fit the false bottom to the cheaper tap.

It's a very nice mash tun, click on the picture too see the nice shiny insides!

It's not insulated, you can lag it with stuff you buy at B and Q very cheaply. Make sure you don't buy the porous stuff as once it gets malt spilt on it it harbours bacteria and smells.

The false bottom means that you can fill it with hot water add grain then adjust the temperature with hot water. Leave to mash and rinse through the sparge liqour as the false bottom acts as the strainer. 


Insulated Stainless Steel Mash Tun with False Bottom

Special offer 20% all stock on this item!
Double walled insulated stainless mash tun with false bottom.

It's a double walled stainless vessel. The inuslation is expanded foam and fills the gap in the walls.

Obviously with the  insulation you can't put it on a stove or gas ring!

Acts like a big therrmos flask, the  lid is sealed and clamps on, it really keeps the mash temperature steady.

Complete with tap and ready to use.



Stainless Steel Mash/Fermenting Tanks Not suitable for Gas Cookers!


These have the cheaper tap fitted and are great for mashing or fermenting. If you're never going to use propane then don't waste your money on the dearer tanks! Spend the money you save on beer!

Remember that you really need the 75 litres to make 50 litres of beer, it tends to froth over the top otherwise!

False Bottom for Lauter or Mash Tun NEW!!!!


Everyone needs a false bottom. There are to make a lauter tun or mash tun. It makes sparging a lot easier than the old bag method. Two sizes!

Allows you to convert any suitable container to a mash or lauter tun.

These are made of good heavy stainless and sit on the bottom of the container. The liquor  trickles through the honeycomb holes and the slight dome allows the liquor to collect underneath.It is then forced back up the angled exit pipe by the weight of the liquor above...Got that? Well it works anyway!

You'll need a tap in the  side of your bucket to connect to the false bottom...Output size on the elbow is 3/8th or 10 mm for the metricated.

Rotating Sparge Arm


The one we've all been waiting for!! A rotating sparge arm!

In stainless too For Mash tun/lauter tun from 26 to 38 Cm

Length of the white plastic piece is 40 cm and as it has to fit on top of your bucket your bucket can't be bigger than that!

Rotating stainless sparging arm. It spins slowly allowing a nice slow sparge.

You can see how it works  in the photo! Liquor in via the pipe on top, the two arms of the T Piece have holes drilled in them, they're drilled very cleverly so that the arm spins round like a slow propellor as the liquor comes out!

Height is adjustable by a rubber grommet on the top.

It says it's suitable for a round mash tun  but we have used it a square one and it worked ok. Perhaps you don't wash the corners of the mash tun but you don't miss much-It doesn't fit the std brupaks insulated mash tun but works on the  de luxe

Mashing and Sparging Bag

Mashing and sparging bag to fit above. Also suitable  for sparging into your own bucket--

For buckets conicals and stainless fermenters look at the fermenter page!


Hop Cone- Hop Spider

A nicely priced hop cone in stainless

Hop Strainers Universal


These are supplied with the Brupak and stainless boilers. With other makes you'll need to buy one!

  One is universal and fits most 5 gall/40 pint boilers eg, The Ritchie, Brupak and Electrim. It has the push fitting.

 The other fits the big stainless boilers only-If your boiler is plastic or enamel it's the other one.

You could make your own easily enough but this does save the time!

Bronze Drill Pump


Cheap way of setting up a three tank brewery. Allows you to have the boiler on the floor and then pump up the wort to a fermenter or a mashing header tank.. 20 litres per minute of liquid . Max working temp is 90 c .
Will take push on 20mm  0r 16mm
Easiest drive is to use an electric drill- see photo!

But you can use a separate motor and drive belt

Click on the picture for a simple diagram of the three tier mash system

Electric Pump Mains- 2800 RPM


Electric wort pump, bronze in the pumping parts and weighs 5.4 KG

This is a serious pump that will shift 32 litres a minute to a height of 27 metres. 

Internal bore on those outlets is  16 mm.

It's rated to a temperature of 90 c. This seems standard with all these pumps. It means you've got let stuff go off the boil and cool a bit before you pump it. It will lift from cellar to kitchen if you need it to.

Motor rated at 1/2 horse power so it's got plenty of muscle

Tubing Spirally Reinforced Id 20mm


Tubing  with a 20mm internal diameter.

Sold by the metre- Order 2 and we'll cut you 2 metres in one length...Order 4 and you'll get a four metre length etc. You get the idea!

Bends but doesn't kink, nice thick walls and spirally reinforced.

Just the stuff for the Syphon pumps, takes hot liquids and pressure. You can bend it into a 12" diameter circle easily and it will go tighter.

Wort Aerator-Electric air pump, filter and stone NEW!!!


A nice little air pump with in line filter and stone.

When you boil liquid you drive off all the oxygen. Yeast needs a bit of oxygen to get going, it means you can get sluggish or slow start ferments.

This pumps some air through the unfermented beer and ups the level of oxygen so you get a fast healthy start to fermentation It also includes a .2micron filter so it stops you pumping any unwanted  guests in your nice clean wort!

About 30 minutes of pumping air through is plenty, it also stirs things up so you can put the yeast in at the same time and it makes sure it's all stirred in nicely.

You can slosh the beer about from bucket to bucket or use a fish tank air pump if you want but this is a handy gadget!

Spares for the Wort Aerator Including Stainless Air Stone

Stainless air diffuser for use with the air pump, spare ceramic air stone and the inline air filter -All available as spares.
It looks like it might be a  flying saucer but it's only about the size of the lid off a small jar of coffee..Does the job though!

Corn Mill-For Crushing Whole Grain

Corn Mill-Will grind any grain. Hopper holds about 500 g. It says it takes a minute to grind a pound but you have to be working like a lunatic to achieve this! A nice tool at a good price though.

Eschenfelder Malt Mill

Special offer!!!

It's a very nicely made malt crusher. The hooper takes about 3kg and it's fast and easy to use. Simple screw adjustment for crush style, hopper comes off easily with two wing nuts.

The engine room is made of thick perspex so you see the malt going through, the handle is nice and easy to use.

A very well thought out machine. Eschenfelder make some excellent coffee and muesli machines so they have expertise in the field. We 're very happy with it, it's probably the best we've seen and a very good malt mill.

A very well designed malt mill, Eschenfelder make some great coffee mills and grain grinders and the experience shows. Everything is made to a proven design , well tested and enjoyed by lots of happy customers. We think it's the best grain mill we've seen.

Can easily be motorised with the adaptor that's supplied, it just fits in the chuck of a normal domestic electric drill.

Click on the picture for a close up of the workings!

Bulldog Malt Mill 7 Litre Hopper


Nicely made malt mill. Adjustable rollers for altering the grind size

You can attach a drill to it if you want and whizz it through fast.

It deals with a lot of grain fast- It's hard work for a 25kg sack but it will grind enough for brew easy enough

Great value at this price!

Hand Cranked Malt Grain Mill

American made malt mill. Roller crush size is pre set for a coarse crush.
Self oiling bearings and easy use. Will last a lifetime for home use. Easily motorised
You can whizz a pound of grain through in about 15 seconds, enough for a 5 gall batch of beer takes less than 5 min. even if you stop for breath!

Stainless Steel Bottling Funnel with Strainer 13 Cm


A useful black plastic tap for your projects


Spare Tap for Electrim Boiler


Fits the electrim plastic boiler. Can be used to make your own equipment, takes boiling liquids. Comes complete with back nut

Spare Kettle type element and nut for Electrim Mashing Bin


2.4 Kw Element and nut for the Electrim /Peco boiling bins.

Should fit anything with a standard  kettle element in it.

Spare Electrim Thermostat/Control Unit


Old type mechanical one with the knob that you turn!

Direct replacement-Yours my be a round one with a black steel plate but this fits just the same,

Spare Electrim Bucket and Lid

Just the plastic bucket for the bruheat. Drilled for element and tap

SPare Electrim/Peco Back Nut ONLY for Heating Element


Just the steel back nut for the heating element in the Peco/electrim boilers.

Replaces the plastic one - Stronger and tightens up better!

Digital Upgrade for Mashing Bin Peco/Electrim


Includes probe and probe holder- Replaces the old rotary thermostat with a spiffy new digital one!

You will need to drill a hole in the bucket for the probe

Could be used to control the temperature of the kettle element in most home made boilers...

If you've already fitted the kettle element you'll just need to make another small hole.

Everything is easy to fit and works nicely!

probe holder comes with nice big rubber grommets so they seal well.The