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Hop pickers on stilts-Life was tough in them days!

Hops- Leaf,Pellet and Oil For Homebrew Beer!

Lets go to the Hop!

If you just want hops for a hop pillow or a simple beer then just use Goldings!!

We have lots of hops in stock. Hops add bitterness and flavour to your homebrew beer

If you want to add some to a beer kit to increase the bitterness and flavour

We'd suggest you add about 25g or a quarter of a packet. Goldings are good for this use.

Just make a hop tea with about a pint of boiling water and add the water only. Throw the hops away, add to the bucket about two days before bottling


For making boiled and mashed beers follow your instructions and recipes! It's usually about 100g hops for 40 pints of beer but it can vary a lot!

Hops -
Gold  Foil Packed 4oz-113 gram
 Silver Foil Packs         100g
As a general guide the more expensive hops are in the silver foil and you get a bit less!

All our hops are vacuum  packed in foil at the hopyard . This keeps them in the best condition possible. They still retain the full aroma and taste they had when packed. These are used for home brew and in micro brewery beers.

Alpha Acid Content varies with batch, please ask if you want to know the Alpha  Acid for the current batch. The alpha acid quoted is for a typical batch..Most of our hops were grown in the UK.

Types of hops

We stock pellet hops, and whole leaf hops. Also known as cone hops, bittering, finishing, and kettle hops!

Most of the hops below are packed in foil and vacuum packed for freshness!


Aurora Hops 100g

Aurora(Super Styrians) in 100g As requested!  about 8% alpha acid

Bramling Cross Hops 100g

Bramling Cross-Alpha Acid 5 to 7 %
 Can provide blackcurrant , lemon and fruity notes in traditional ales. Often used in small amounts in the hop grist.

Cascade Hops 100g BAH

Cascade- Alpha acid 4.5 to 6.5
A mild hop with good soft bittering properties.
Used in some of the local micro  beers to give that elusive herbal or floral nose.

Challenger Hops BHA 100g

Challenger Alpha acid 6.5 to 8.5%
A fruity almost scented aroma.  This makes it a good kettle hop for all types of beer. Blends well with other hops.

Chinook 100g

Intensly flavoured American hop, very high alpha acid, typically over 12%

Dried Lemon Peel in 500g

Dried lemon peel in a 500g bag..

Citra 100g

Alpha Acid 12.2%

Fuggles Hops 100G BAH

Fuggles - Originally grown by a Mr Richard Fugglein 1875!
Alpha acid 4 to 5.5%
Very typical English hop. Lots of flavour and aroma. Often used with Goldings to add roundness and fullness to the palate.
These were always the first choice for many brewers and are still the  second most popular hop in the  shop--Goldings are the  first!

Galena Hops 100g

Galena--Use instead of Bullion
Strong and Floral-Good kettle hop
Alpha acid around 14%

Goldings Hops 100g BAH

The standard bitter hop, if you just want hops then these are what you want. Most typical British hop but used in late hopping of lager

 Most popular hop we sell!

Hallertau Hops 100g

Hallertau --Lager type beers particularly German type pils and helles.
alpha 3.5 to 4.8%

Hersbrucker Hops 100g

Hersbrucker  1.5 to 3.5%
Suitable for mild flavoured beers. Often used as a late kettle addition.

Hop Extract 28 Ml Isomerised -Just add to beer

Isomersied hop extract, in a small plastic bottle.

There's enough for total hop replacement of 2 x 5 gall batches.

Useful for adjusting final bitterness as it doesn't require boiling

About a teaspoon adds a nice extra bitterness to a kit beer!

You need to experiment a bit, !

It 's the same stuff that used to come in a small bottle from VIna

Hop Pellets

Hop pellets are on this page


Magnum Hops 110 g

Mt Hood Hops 100g

Mt Hood
Alpha acid  4 to 6.5%
Mild and pure hop. Similar to Hersbrucker, imparts a soft clean bitterness.

Nelson Sauvon Hops 100g

Nelson Sauvin Alpha acid 13.3% Said to taste a bit like grapes.

Northdown Hops 100g

Alpha acid 4.0 to 6.5
Mild clean neutral English flavour. Used in all beers . no harshness of palate

Northern Brewer Hops 100

Northern Brewer
Alpha acid 7 to o 9.0 %
Strong and robust, can be coarse/ Good bitter character when used early in the boil.

Extremely popular English hop, one  of the all time favourites

Pacific Gem Hops 100g

Pacific Gem  100g Alpha acid over 16%!
very strong flavour

Progress Hops 100g

Alpha acid 5 to 7.5 %
Similar to fuggles but sweeter.Usually with a softer bitterness. If a beer needs all aroma hops in the bittering element they can be a good choice.

Saaz Hops 100g

Alpha acid  2.5 to 4.5%
Very fine mild "noble " aroma. Can be peppery on the nose. Used in Pilsner type beers. More bitter than the low alpha would indicate.

Simcoe Alpha Acid 100g 12.2%

There's so many new hops arriving that we can't stock them all!! But here's one you asked for

Stockinette/Muslin bags Hop Bag

A small bag made of muslin type stuff. You can get 100g of hops in them easily. They're known in the  trade as pea bags! We don't know why. I seem to remember getting one of these bags and a tablet of bi-carbonate of soda in the  packet of dried peas ...

Styrian Goldings Hops 100g

Styrian Goldings
alpha acid 4 to 6.0%
Distinctive mild flavour. A bit fuller than the East Kent Goldings. Good as a late kettle or for dry hopping.

Target Hops 100g

Alpha acid 10 to 12.5%
Strong typically English. Good bittering and aroma.

Tettnang Hops 100g

Tettnang  100g Alpha acid 3 to 5.0 %
Delicate flavour with strong floral aroma. Often used for late kettle addition.

We like these hops, they do give a good hop aroma!

W G V Hops 110g

W.G.V. Whitbread Golding Variety
Alpha acid 5.5 to 8%
More robust than Goldings with a distinctive flavour. A mild clean bitterness in traditional ales

Williamette Hops 100g NEW!!!

Proving to be popular in the shop especially for those pale hoppy beers. Turns up in the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale recipe.