This is me at the Muntons Malt factory checking your malt. It's the best we can get!

Liquid ,Spray Dried Powder Malt Extract and Sugars

You can substitute this stuff for sugar. There is a bit of a difference in alcohol produced but not enough to worry about too much. A lot of homebrew "experts" scoff at the use of malt extract. We've been using it for over 30 years and we see it in commercial micro breweries so we know it's well liked by everyone else!

The spray dried has a different flavour to the liquid. It's lighter and more malty. A mix of liquid and dried is probably best but it's hard to pack the dried malt in a kit so you have to add it yourself!

The liquid is the best all purpose malt if you're making up recipes. As a rough guide you need about 1.5 to 1.8kg for a basic beer and up to 3kg for a full bodied one.

You need about 3kg in total malt and sugars for a 4.5% beer. That's usually enough!


Sugars, glucose, beer enhancer, carbonation drops


All the sugars , beer enhancers, dextrose, glucose, malto dextrin,  are on the sugars page

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Beer Enhancer 1 Kg Enough for most homebrew kit beers!


A blend of malts and sugars. Use instead of sugar to give your kits more body and character.

The 1kg size is right for most homebrew kit beers, it does improve them!

Carbonation Drops Coopers


Pack of 60 glucose tablets to use as a priming sugar for bottled beers. You use two drops per 750ml bottle.

They're glucose and sucrose in 73/27 mix.

1.5 Kg Muntons Light Malt Extract (Liquid)


It's been in 1.8 kg tin for years and now it's a 1.5, it costs a bit less as well.

1.5 kg is the usually  right amount for a five gallon brew. You'll need a Kg of sugar to go with it . It will give an OG of about 1039 with the sugar

Use the light for lagers, pale ales and bitters.

If a recipe is just asking for a malt extract then it's probably this one.

1.5 Kg Muntons Dark Liquid Malt extract


Used for dark bitters, milds, old ales, Flemish dark ales, porters and stouts. All dark ales and beers.

A nice dark treacly malt with a slight toasty malt flavour.

1.5kg Muntons Amber/Medium Liquid Malt Extract

For bitter, old ale, milds,amber, xmas ales, trappist beers and ales . A bit more flavour than the light and useful if you dont want to mess about adding crystal grains.

1.5 Kg Maris Otter Liquid Malt Extract Looks like it's discontinued-we cant get it at the m


Malt Extract from Maris Otter barley. A finer taste that the standard malt extract. 67% Maris Otter.

Use in best bitters, ales, delicate flavoured beers and ales. Well hopped ales.

Coopers Light Malt Extract 1.5 kg Liquid

If you want bitter, pale ale or lager then it's this one! Coopers malt is better than the Muntons for lagers.

Coopers Amber Malt Extract 1.5 kg Liquid


Australian malt extracts- 1.7 kg so perfect for the old recipes that call for 3Lb or 1.5Kg

Amber is best for copper coloured bitters, old ales and the lighter milds.

Coopers Dark Malt Extract 1.5 kg Liquid

Nice treacly malt. Use it for Mild, dark ales and porters.

23 Kg Muntons light Malt Extract Liquid 25kg


It was in a plastic drum and weighed 25kg,then it was in a bag and weighed 23kg . Now it's back in a drum of 25 kg again...It's much better in the drum!

This is the light malt extract and it's the usual one for bitters and lagers, it's usually in stock

23 Kg Muntons Dark Malt Extract Liquid 25kg

The dark version of the liquid malt extract. It's the same stuff as in the kit beers, dark is usually used in stouts and dark milds
Munton's dark malt extract in a useful plastic container

23 Kg Muntons Century Malt Extract Liquid Diastatic 23kg



We're sorry but this can take months to get from the factory-Please ask for a price and delivery time

One of the few diastatic malt extracts left.It's useful in some brewing applications where grains are used. Diastase occurs naturally in some malted grain but is missing in others. Due to its specialist nature we don't carry any stock so delivery may be a few weeks on this item, if at all. We'll give you an estimated delivery time when you order.

23 Kg Muntons Amber Malt Extract Liquid 23kg

Muntons malt extract in the amber shade! Two weeks delivery on this product
25 kg of amber malt extract, liquid. two

500g Spray Dried Light Hopped Malt Muntons


Spray dried malt with the benefit of additional hops.

When you add extra malt to beer kit you increase the sweetness as well. Hopped malt has the right amount of hops to increase the bitterness and keep the beer balanced.

500g Light Spray Dried Powder Malt Muntons


In a foil bag, when opened it quickly turns to a sticky mess. Make sure you use it all at one go.

Small quantities don't keep very well

used in lager, light coloured bitters, pale ales, summer ales.


500g Dark Spray Dried Powder Malt Muntons

Nice size for adding a bit to beer kit to improve the body. Dark is used mainly in milds and stout .It's also is being used in the dark IPA beers - Belgian dark ales , porters and old ales.

500g Medium Spray Dried Powder Malt Muntons


A malt that can't make it's mind up whether it's dark or light, yes it can, oh, hang on no it can't...It's an indecisive malt.. Good for darkish bitters,milds. amber ales, old ales, Xmas Ales.

500g Extra Dark Powder Malt Muntons

Very dark , they use it a lot in Saudi and Kuwait. The strong flavour means you need less, important when taking stuff on aeroplanes! Good for the really black stouts, old ales, dark Flemish brews and dark IPA

500g Wheat Spray Dried Powder Malt Muntons


You can add 1Kg of this to a lager or pale ale to make a fast simple but very tasty wheat beer.

Even better if added to wheat beer kit, add a full Kg instead of the sugar for those big wheat flavours!

Better Brew Extra Light Spray Dried Malt 1Kg

Extra light for those who search for the ultra light bitters and ales like the American IPA or the really pale lagers.

1kg Better Brew Light Spray Dried Malt Extract


Spray dried malt extract, perfect for bitters, ales, pale ales, lager, strong ales and blondes.

1kg Better Brew Dark Spray Dried Malt Extract


It's a nice dark spray dried malt extract, treacly and full of those caramel and burnt toast flavours we love.

Suitable for mild, strong ale, stout, old ale, Flemish ales and dark bitters. Being used for the dark IPA as well.

1kg Amber Spray Dried Malt Extract

Use the Amber for medium beers, dark bitters and old ales

25kg Light Spray Dried Powder Malt Muntons

Special offer on bulk buy!

In a box, with a plastic bag inside it does tend to dissolve into a sticky mess so you have to keep the air out once you've opened it. Easy enough once you know ! Just keep the bag closed up!


Muntone Light Dried Malt extract for beermaking. 25 kg of the good stuff

25kg Dark Spray Dried Powder Malt Muntons

special bulk buy discount
Spraymalt or dried malt extract-same stuff
MAde by Muntons. It's the dried version of malt extract. Used to balance beer flavours and as a total malt replacement in some recipes.

25kg Medium Spray Dried Powder Malt Muntons

Special bulk buy discount
Medium dried malt extract powder-25kg from Muntons
You know the taste of this!It's the stuff they use in Horlicks and MAlteasers! We also love it in beer. Spray dried malt has a character of it's own, it's used in several beer recipes. 

25kg Extra Dark Spray Dried Powder Malt Muntons

Spraymalt dried and extracted at muntons on a special machine ! We've seen it! It's magic, it's a big old machine and it still works a treat. Muntons produce malt for everyone

23 Kg Muntons Cedarex light Malt Extract Liquid 23 kg

Cedarex are made using the best quality barley malts. We're not sure what the difference is, we do get asked for it though...