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A winery corking machine- Looks like a really boring job!

Corks, Corkers, Crown Caps and Cappers

Everything you need to seal a bottle!

Seals of every kind-We've put the most commonly used stuff at the top of the page!

Scroll down for everything else!

Most of these will fit the standard wine and beer bottles, you can reuse old bottles.

If you're making home brew beer then you want to make sure the bottles are a good quality. Anything that has a deposit or is the same weight will be ok.

Any wine bottles can be re used, the screw neck ones often don't fit the corks! But, just re use  the screw caps. 


Bench Crown Capper

A one handled Crown Capping machine, made of pressed steel and plastic. Budget machine suitable for most home use. If you're doing a lot of capping the micro brewery capper is lot easier and more robust!

Crown Capper- Industrial Micro Brewery Type

This is the best you can get without going into hundreds of pounds.

It weighs nearly 10 kg. All solid steel.

The cap crimper is machined from 1 1/2" bar.The base plate is 3/8th steel plate.

It adjusts easily for any size and there is an arm to make sure the bottle sits in exactly the right spot for fast easy bottling.

When screwed to the bench it makes bottling fast, the caps crimp on easily and postively.

The big return spring means the unit readies itself fast for the next cap while the long lever handle makes crimping easy

Suitable for Micro brewery or small bottling plant


Crown Capping Machine with free 100 caps!

For fitting the crown caps above! May be different from picture

Now includes 100 crown caps!

Standard Crown Caps in a Bag of 100 or 1000

Fits most beer bottles  that have had a crown cap on them before.

You can re use old bottles or buy new ones! They don't fit the screw top bottles. 
We find the heavier beer bottles are best, the really thin cheap lager bottles are not very good. 


Plastic Reseals for beer bottles pack of 25

Plastic beer bottle reseals Pack of 12-   clear -They fit most standard beer bottles that have had a crown cork on them. Press on, If too much pressure builds up they pop off which is a nice safety feature.



Plastic Topped Wine Corks Packed in 25s

You'll want the white ones for competition use. 

Two Handled Wine Bottle Corker

It grips the neck of the bottle and then forces the cork down the tube. Easier to use than the simple corker.

May vary a bit from the picture!


Easy Wine Bottle Corking Machine Plastic

Basic hammer it hard type corker
May vary a bit from the picture.
It's a tapered tube which squeezes the cork to size

Floor Standing Wine Bottle Corker

The Beast! Easiest to use! Very nice corking machine. Will put in the slightly bigger corks as well as the standard corks

Wine Bottle Shrink Caps-Bottle Cork Covers in pack of 30

Make the wine look more professional.

Shrink them on with steam from a kettle or with a hair dryer it says!. Any hair dryer hot enough to put them on would melt your head. We found a hot air stripper worked really well

Standard Wine Bottle Corks in a bag 30 22x38mm - No Soak

30 good quality corks. Slightly waxed, do not soak!

Go in easy and give a good seal, you'll need a corking tool to get them in. The Easy corking tool is fine.

Pack of 1000 corks for wine making 22x38 mm

Bulk wine making corks for cheaper cost! These are top quality corks which don't leak. You need a bit of extra effort to get them in and you'll need the two handled corker.

That's Peter Fox who works in the shop...He's a lovely man and will answer any questions!

Tapered wine Bottle Corks in 25

A bag of 25 tapered wine bottle corks. Will  go in easy. Don't need a corking tool. Not suitable for keeping the wine for a long time. Ok for a few months though.

All Plastic Wine Bottle Corks in 25

Champagne Corks Plastic x25

Fit standard champagne or sparkling wine bottles, a good tight fit. you will need a wire cage for these

Champagne Wires x 25

This is the wires only- Tighten them with a pencil, turn the pencil until it just begins to grip the wire, a bit too much much and wire snaps- or a champagne cage wirer tool

Tool to twist Champagne Wires

You put the wire on the bottle and then hook the tool through the loop on the wire. Twist the handle and it twists the wire on neatly and easily.

Snaps the wire if you go too far but you soon learn!


Grolsch /Swing topType Flat Washers X10

As it says washers that fit the grolsch type tops

Washers for old cider bottles -Internaly Tread x 10

Sorry we can't get hold of these any more-- You can buy a piece of rubber tube and cut it up... Sorry we don't have the tube or we'd make some washers!! Washers for the old cider bottle caps. The internal screw thread type, like a bit of rubber tube cut up into bits