Vinland Vodka Spirit Base, and Alcoshots

Kits to make strong alcoholic drink!

They make six or twenty bottles of alcohol at 20%.

You can then add the prestige essences to make liqueurs, absinthe and so on.

Using special high alcohol yeasts and nutrients you just add sugar and water to make some potent stuff.

The taste is not so good so there is charcoal included in the kit which strips out the flavour and leaves a clear tasteless alcoholic base. This is perfect for adding flavourings.


You'll find the Prestige essences here

Prestige Essences

Cherry brandy and Ameretto are evergreen favourites! We love them all!


Alcotec Spirit Base 5 litres 20%


The six bottle Alcotec Spirit base kit

20% alcohol using the new yeast technologies to produce very pure clean tasting alcohol.

They sell very well in the shop, perfect for use a vodka type mixer with orange juice! Or, use your favourite , like coke or lemonade.

Makes 6 bottles of base spirit, perfect for using with the prestige essences

Vinland Vodka Kit 30 Bottle


Simply makes 30 bottles of clean alcohol in 3 weeks.

Perfect for using with the prestige essences.

Alcoshot Flavoured Alcoholic Shot Kit 3 Litres



Makes 3 Litres which is 120 shots!

Alcoshot by Youngs-

 the kit needs no extra equipment

A choice of three flavours

Popular shot making kit form Youngs. It makes three litres of an alcoholic fruit drink at about 15%.

They make excellent presents and are nice and easy to make

They contain two buckets , yeast, sugar and the bits and bobs to make three litres of drink!

You only need to buy a refill to make the next batch

Alcoshot Refill Kit in Choice of Three Flavours


The refill kit for the alcoshot kits

Makes 3 Litres of alcoshot

Choice of three flavours