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Beaverdale 6 Bottle wine kits. We believe them to be the best on the market

Beaverdale Six Bottle Wine Kits

The best selling one gallon kit in the shop.

Far outsells all the  others- The first home brew kit that was really

like commercial wines! Still as good today, we recommend it!

For the best one gallon homebrew kits look here! They make six bottles of good home made wine in about four weeks. Like all good wine it keeps and gets better, it's worth making six bottles just to try it!

It's worth making some six bottle kits to provide a bit of variety in the  cellar


The EU have insisted that we change the name of some wines, it's fairly obvious which ones! If you're not sure please ask!


Beaverdale Chardonnay White Six Bottle Wine Kit


Very popular medium dry white- Chablis is often made from Chardonnay grapes

Beaverdale Sauvignon Blanc Six Bottle Wine Kit


Nice green skinned grape giving a popular light dry white wine. Bordeaux is made from Sauvignon Blanc

Beaverdale Pinot Grigio White Six Bottle Wine Kit


There's always a lot of Pinot Grigio in the supermarkets which tells you how good it is! Dry, fruity and full of life.

Beaverdale Californian White Six Bottle Wine Kit


Californian whites are often in the special offers section, they are very easy to drink and extremely popular!

Beaverdale White Burgundy White Six Bottle Wine Kit


The white version of the famous red, full bodied and gorgeous.

Regarded as the classic white wine.

Beaverdale Gewurtztraminer WhiteSix Bottle Wine Kit


German full bodied white. Medium Dry, full bodied extremely good! About 12% alcohol so not like the old German wines we bought in the 70's! Not that I remember  them...

Beaverdale Blush Rose Six Bottle Wine Kit


A blush is a light rose, the colour does vary a bit from a blush to a dark rose. It's a med dry wine with more flavour than many of the commercial ones, we like it!

Beaverdale Chateau De Roi Red Six Bottle Wine Kit


The boss of the reds! Full bodied, lusicous and with a big bouquet. A copy of a famous French red!

Beaverdale Cabernet Sauvignon Red Six Bottle Wine Kit


Soft, dry and fruity and the best selling kit in the range.It's the most popular wine we have, you've got to try it!

Beaverdale Roja Tinto Red Six Bottle Wine Kit


Heavy, oaky and dry. With a strong flavour like some of the robust Spanish reds. Not surprising really since it's named for the Rioja in Spain!

Beaverdale Merlot Red Six Bottle Wine Kit


Often the next choice after Cabernet Sauvignon, it's got a bit more flavour and character than Cab Sav. Cheap ones can be harsh, this one is a bit more subtle and easier to drink!

Beaverdale Barollo Red Six Bottle Wine Kit


Called the King of Wines, full bodied red!

Beaverdale Californian Red Six Bottle Wine Kit


The climate of California is ideal for producing these soft easily drinkable reds. This is great example, ready to drink as soon as it's made, you'll be back for more!

Beaverdale Shiraz Red Six Bottle Wine Kit

Often called Syrah, full bodied and full of fruityness

Beaverdale Pinot Noir Six Bottle Red WIne Kit

Pinot Noir by Beaverdale, six bottles of one of the most popular grape types .

The main grape of the Burgundy region, and used all over the world to produce those fine wines we love!

It's assumed that many of the old vines growing in English country houses are pinot, the variety gets everyhwere, and we love it!