Vineco Atmosphere was...Kenridge Showcase 16 l

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They were known as Kenridge --they're now Atmosphere


Vineco Atmosphere Australian Cabernet Sauvignon Red16L 30 Bottle

We know the cab sav grape as Bordeaux, the Australian versions are more robust than their French brothers.

Vineco Atmosphere Australian Cabernet Shiraz Red 16L 30 Bottle

A blend of two great Australian favourites, it works well.

Vineco Atmosphere Australian Shiraz Red 16L 30 Bottle

Shiraz, blackberry with a bit of spicy pepperiness to it. Australian Shiraz are well respected.

Vineco Atmosphere French Cabernet Savignon Red 16L 30 Bottle

The French know haw to make wines, Cab Sav is the most popular

Atmosphere Argentine Malbec Red 16L 30 Bottle

A fruity red, damsons and raisins. Argentine produces lots of Malbec, they're good at it!

Vineco Atmosphere Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot Red 16L 30 Bottle

AUstralian wines, we love them all. A blend of the three most popular grape varieties.

Vineco Atmosphere Italian Amarone Red16L 30 Bottle

Full bodied and a raisin taste, a deep full red. Amarone

Vineco Atmosphere 16L New Zealand Pinot Noir Red 30 Bottle

DArk fruits plums and spice, New Zealand Pinot Noir

Vineco Atmosphere French Merlot Red 16L 30 Bottle

It's Merlot and it's French.. Popular for a reason, we all love it

Vineco Atmosphere Chile CAbernet MAlbec Carmenere Red 16l to make 30 bottles

CArmenere - typically Chilean, mixed with AMlbec and Caberent.. Sounds fabulous and it is!

Vineco Atmosphere Italian Nebbiolo Red 16 l to make 30 Bottles

Italian Nebbiolo, a Barollo by another name...

Vineco Atmosphere Italian Sangiovese Red 16 l to make 30 Bottles

Cherries, Tea and Tomatoe, full bodied red wines .

Vineco Atmosphere German Gerwurtztraminer White 16L 30 Bottle

German "Gertie"- Full bodied, medium dry, honey and peach.

Vineco Atmosphere Australian Chardonnay White 16L 30 Bottle

Chardonnay- We all love it, and the Australians make it well.

Vineco Atmosphere Italian Pinot Grigio WHite 16L 30 Bottle

Fresh Italian, Lemons and limes, Pinot Grigio

Vineco Atmosphere New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc White 16L 30 Bottle

Vineco Atmosphere Californian Riesling White 16L 30 Bottle

German wine from California, full bodied medium

Vineco Atmosphere Californian Viognier White 16l makes 30 Bottles

Floral aromatic medium wine.

Vineco Atmosphere German Muller Thurgau White 16 L to make 30 Bottles

If you like German wines you'll love Muller Thurgau!