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Bards Grape Blends 7 Day Kits 30 Bottle

These are old style kits, they have a loyal following and are good quality

They've been around for some time, it's very good quality Italian juice

We've sold them for years and suspect they may well be around for a lot longer

Requires an extra 3 Kg of sugar per kit

We really don;'t sell a lot of these now, delivery can be a week. We will try and get them out to you as fast as we can.

They've undergone a bit of a change and have been tweaked a little to improve them


Bards Grape Blends German Style White 30 bottle


7 Day wine kit from Hambleton Bards. Makes 30 bottles/5 gallons.

A German style wine, light fruity and refreshing!

A good pale straw colour and quick to make

Bards Grape Blends Italian Style White 30 bottle


A nice Italian  white wine. Made from Italian grape juice for an authentic taste of the sun drenched Italian Riviera.

Bards Grape Blends Italian Style Red 30 bottle


30 Bottles of an Italian style red wine. A full bodied thirsty red made with Italian grape juice!

Made by Hambleton Bard and like all this range requiring an extra 3Kg of sugar to make the kit

Bards Grape Blends French Style Red 30 bottle


Zut Alors! A french style red wine! It's made from Italian grapes though! Tastes good and it does have a French style about it! Perhaps it's from close on the borders..

Made by Hambleton Bard and requires additional sugar to make the kit