Beginners Wine,Beer Still r Cider Kits

For Bitter, Lager Cider Wine Stouts or  anything!

Fancy a go at Home brew? Home made wine or beer, we have both. We will help you all we can.

You can phone us or call in the shop! We want you to succeed and come back for more.

We will help you make your wine or beer and this guarantee goes with a kit if you send it as a present!

In fact we'll pack it and send it to who ever you want!

We'll even write happy birthday on the box  for you-Just Ask!

We've beginners kits to suit your budget! The more you pay the better the end product but we don't sell anything bad!

They all make very drinkable wines and beers no matter what price you pay!


A six gallon beer or wine making bucket, syphon tube, thermometer, airlock and hydrometer.

Add any wine or beer kit to make 30 bottles or 40 pints.

This is the cheapest kit ever and is a big saving!

Comes in a nice box as well


Special Beginner Price!

Complete Beginners Beer/Cider Kit with Gas System

Beginners beer/lager/stout or cider kit for 40 pints

Includes gas system for perfect beer!

Bulldog Brews Micro Brewery for 23 Litres Beer

Contains all the basic equipment to make 40 pints of ale or beer!





Just add sugar water and bottles!

Complete Beginners Kit for 30 Bottles Of Wine

A sensible beginners kit for 30 bottles of wine, choose red white or rose.

You'll need bottles, just re use the screw cap ones!

Special offer! 49.00 of goods for 47.50!

Beginners 30 Bottle Beaverdale White Wine Kit


Complete beginners kit for 30 bottles of  good quality  wine

A better quality wine kit producing a good named grape wine

Pay a bit more and get a bit more!

Complete Beginners Kit for Country Wines

Beginners kit for country wine  making

Enough for about 8 individual gallon/six bottle wines

Beginners Compact Mini Distillery makes alcohol at 40%