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A story by Nick Bantock-Is this the real Solomon Grundy? We don't know! We know the wine quite well though!

Solomon Grundy 7 Day 30 Bottle Wine Kits

Nice budget range of kits from Ritchie Products.

Require the addition of extra sugar, fast fermenting and quick to mature.

We think that they are the best of the kits in this type.

Contain fruit and grape juice-Most of the boxed budget kits are very similar but these seem a bit better

and give consistent results.

Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
That was the end of
Solomon Grundy.

Solomon Grundy Classic Medium Dry White 30 Bottle

A white table wine! Very easy to drink! A good plain table wine, we sell loads. Easy to make, clears fast and very popular.

Solomon Grundy Classic Medium Sweet White 30 Bottle

It's hard to get a good sweet white in this price range, this one ticks all the boxes. If you like the sweeter whites then it's the one! It used to be called just sweet white but it didn't sell well so they changed it to medium sweet and now we sell loads!

Solomon Grundy Classic Rose 30 Bottle Wine Kit

A good rose wine, a bit lighter coloured than the Solomon Grundy gold kit.

For those of us who like their Rose with a hint of pink rather than a shade of red!

Easy to drink with a slight fruity taste, really good chilled!

Solomon Grundy Classic Medium Dry Red 30 Bottle

A French style red table wine at a very good price! Very popular, possibly the best of the budget reds.

Not too heavy, enough body to enjoy it but light enough enough to drink by full glass. It is a full 12% though!

Solomon Grundy Gold Piesporter 30 Bottles White

German style wine, full bodied and fruity.

It's a full 12%, a little bit flowery and nicely dry. Perfect with a big lump of Black Forest Gateau

Solomon Grundy Chardonnay Gold 30 Bottle White

French style white wine , nice and dry.

Fresh and full, typically chardonnay a very slight smoke with a hint of hazelnut. Solomon Grundy took a bit of effort to get this one right.

Solomon Grundy Zinfandel Blush Gold 30 Bottles Rose

A blush is a rose of course, we like this one. Very cold and poured over ice!

A bit more colour than the Classic Soloman, with a bit more fruit and just a hint of the tannins.

It replaces the old Chablis Blush..

Solomon Grundy Merlot Gold 30 Bottles Red

A French red wine- Nice and full bodied.

Merlot is supposed to be from the French for Blackbird, we certainly sing after a few glasses.

Velvet smooth, purple and full, wine for the red drinker!

Solomon Grundy Gold Shiraz 30 Bottle Red NEW!!

Shiraz, Solomon Grundy's new boy! 30 Bottles of gorgeous red!

Solomon Grundy Gold Sauvignon Blanc 30 Bottle White

Solomon Grundy Gold Sauvignon Blanc.



Solomon Grundy Cabernet Sauvignon Gold 30 Bottle Red

The ever popular red wine. The best seller in this range!

For years the best seller in the supermarket, it's easy to see why. Blackcurrant and jammy  in a glass, dry with alcohol, perfect!