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A stunning pint of homebrewed ale!

John Barleycorn Home brew Beer kits

1.8 Kg quality malt kits.

John Barleycorn homebrew kits have been on sale since 1973.

The recipes have been improved and brought up to date. They use Muntons yeast

and only the best malt and hop extracts.


John Barleycorn Bitter 40 Pint

john barleycorn beer small
Full bodied and malty, you can make it in original strength 1042 or export strength OG1049

John Barleycorn Lager 40 Pint

Nice blonde lager, very popular! Clean with a malty taste

John Barleycorn Mild 40 Pints


Dark and Fruity, the way a real mild should be.


John Barleycorn Pale Ale 40 Pints


A lightly hopped pale ale, light coloured and malty.

OG 1044

John Barleycorn Strong Lager 24Pints

OG 1080 . This is strong! Slightly sweet, malty and very full bodied.

John Barleycorn Barley Wine 24 Pints


Og 1080

Dark, full bodied and delicious.

We recommend that you bottle this beer and drink slowly!