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Beer from Black Rock-Sounds like a movie title!

Black Rock Home Brew Beer Kits

Black Rock Beer and Cider Kits From New Zealand
Malted in New Zealand and made from 100% natural ingredients. From the Lion Nathan Brewery. An outstanding beer kit

 These kits are malted in a different factory to most of the others which means they have a different taste.

This gives a bit more variety to the range of kits available! Try one! They're very popular in the shop.

They use New Zealand hops as well, mainly Jade and Green Bullet, intense bitter hops.


Black Rock 40 Pint 1.7 Kg New Zealand Bitter


Supposed to have been brewed by English Brewers for the New Zealand market. It's now being made in New Zealand and shipped back! Fruity bitter at about 4.2%

Made with Green Bullet and Jade hops,lager crystal and black malt

like an old ale, almost brown ale colour

Worth trying with a 1.5 kg can of Amber Malt instead of the sugar, makes a German type Dunkel Bock.

Black Rock 40 Pint 1.7 Kg Export Pilsner 40 Pint


European style Pilsner, a bit darker than we'd expect for a Pils, still in  the lager type range though!

Full flavour and a clean palate

Made with Jade and Green Bullet hops and is  a dark lager.

Made with lager malt so a genuine lager!

Black Rock 40 Pint 1.7 Kg Bock Dark German Beer


Traditional German Bocks are now very popular. Munich monks drink the  beer while fasting so it's a holy beer and can be drunk with no guilt at all.

About 4.2%

Made with lager, crystal , caramalt and chocolate malt for a real Bock beer.

A dark lager almost a bitter in colour but lighter hopped.

Jade and Green Bullet hops

Black Rock 40 Pint 1.7 Kg Whispering Wheat


Liquid gold with a fruity flavour.  Lively, refreshing for warmer climates.

The wheat flavour comes through nicely, the banana overtones are as they should be!

Wheat beer is one of the homebrew's success stories

Black Rock 40 Pint 1.7 Kg Nut Brown Ale


A malty, deep amber beer.  Clean tasting with accented malty flavours

Surprisingly popular, has a broad appeal!


Black Rock Mexican Lager 40 Pints


40 Pints of Mexican badness. They seem to be turning up all over these Mexican beers! This is a true to type, a typical lager with sombrero!

Another darkish lager made with lager malt and New Zealand Jade hops.

We put two cans together and made 40 pints, no added sugar just two cans of Mexican lager. It made a great beer!

Black Rock Miners Stout 40 Pint


Stouts were often the drinks of the hard labourers, full of flavour and able to take away the taste of the coal dust after a long shift. The New Zealanders seem to have got the hang of making dark stouts and porters as they're all excellent.

They filmed a lot of Lord of the Rings in New Zealand they say Stout was very popular with the Orcs...

Using Lager, crystal roasted and black malts for a in depth stout taste.

Green Bullet and Pacific Jade Hops.

About 4.5%

Try adding an extra 500 g of dark powder malt for a more intense stout flavour!

Black Rock Lager 40 Pints

A New Zealand Lager, light and blonde looking. Those who been to New Zealand tell us it tastes as good as the lagers there do... Good enough for us!

Made with 100% Lager malts  with Jade and Bullet hops.

Same colour as a standard lager.

Try this one with two cans of lager and no suger and add 2 oz of Cascade hops, just boil them for about 5 minutes in a big pan  and add to the bucket with the malt. Makes 40 pints of extra bitter, citrusy and well hopped, but blonde! Like those light bitter beers we're all drinking in the  pubs at the moment!

Black Rock Pilsener Blonde 40 Pints


A light coloured lager type beer. These rerally light beers are what we're all wanting. Lots of flavour off the hops but not drowned by the dark malts.

Not too sweet, a nice dry finish

About 4.3% light lager with Green Bullet and Jade hops. 100% lager malts.

Try it with a Beer enhancer instead of sugar and add  a Saaz finishing hops for a more craft pilsner style!

Black Rock Golden Ale 40 Pints

A bitter beer with an good depth of hops, like a Uk summer ale- We've been told they actually get a summer in New Zealand.

With ale lager and caramalts, specialty ale malts!

Nelson hops for the grape/citrus flavour

A true golden boy!

We'd suggest using a beer enhancer instead of sugar and adding an extra 50g of Cascade hops! Just boil the hops for 5 minutes in a big pan with about 2 pits of water and add to the bucket with the beer kit.

Black Rock American Pale Ale


American Pale Ale , A nicely bittered pale ale with jade and green bullet hops.

Has extra CAscade hops for that citrusy taste we're looking for!

We'd suggest adding a 1kg pack of beer improver to give a slight sweetness and extra body