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Tooheys Australian Beer Kits

Tooheys Home Brew Beer Kits

Tooheys Beer from Western Australia now as in kit form!

A commercial beer in a home brew package, a small but perfectly formed range of kit beers for you to try at home

Its distributed by Lion Nathan Ltd who are an Australian firm. We're happy with it, the quality is good and  the taste is different from the UK beers.

Tooheys Traditional Real Ale 40 Pint


A traditional style bitter, top quality . Repeat sales are excellent , it speaks for itself!

A nice old fashioned style of bitter beer, we 'd suggest a beer enhancer to give it a nice round flavour and a full bodied taste!

It's a good light copper colour with a malty edge, not too bitter.

Tooheys Classic Dark Ale 40 Pint


The Australians  make some some excellent dark ales, this is a good example

Approved by the Tooheys Brewery! Dark, full bodied, luscious.

Try adding 500g dried malt for an even tastier beer!

Tooheys Special Lager 40 Pint


Light classic lager from Oz! The well known and respected lager in a kit form

We'd recommend making this with Brewing Sugar to keep it nice and light.


Tooheys Draught 40 Pint


Slightly darker and more bitter that the lager, still a lager but with more intensity on the flavours If you ask for a beer in a Tooheys bar this is what you get, and we love it. Not quite a bitter, not a lager, just a beer!

We'd recommend using a beer enhancer with this one just to lift the body a bit.