John Bull Beer kits

John Bull Home Brew Beer kits 1.8 Kg Beer kits

John Bull, been around a long time, living on the name now. Still good quality but made by Muntons now.

It's changed hands so much it's hard to believe that the original recipes are still the same.

We still sell a lot though so it must be good!  It was always popular in Stockport and going by our on line sales it's got a good fan club everywhere.


John Bull Best Bitter 40 Pint

John Bull bitter, 40 pints of best bitter

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John Bull Brown Ale 40 Pint

40 Pints Brown Ale- A treat from John Bull

John Bull India Pale Ale 40 Pint

John Bull's version of the classic India Pale Ale

John Bull Lager 40 Pint

John Bull Lager

John Bull London Porter 40 Pint

40 pint John Bull London Porter.

Porters are dark full beers with a bitter attitude

John Bull Mild 40 Pint

John Bull Mild beer, 40 pints

John Bull Pilsner 40 Pint

A good home brew Pilsner from John Bull

John Bull Stout 40 Pint

Stout from John Bull

John Bull Traditional English Ale 40 Pint

Traditional Ale- Like we used to buy, gorgeous old style home brew beer