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It's Harvest Time!

Youngs U Brew Harvest Beer Kits

Budget range of beer kits- From the Youngs Ibrew range

Harvest are the Budget babies, they are honest and good value if all you want is a cheap beer kit.

Youngs Harvest Bitter 40 Pint

The standard bitter, clean and bright, just the coppery side of light. Nice head and well bittered

Youngs Harvest Lager 40 Pint

It's lager innit! Blonde and low hopped, just as it should be.

Youngs Harvest Mild 40 Pint

A dark Midland mild, slightly sweet and not to heavy. Perfect for a few after lunch.

Youngs Harvest Pilsner 40 Pint

Bit more flavour than the  lager and just a touch darker. For those who like the continental touch

Youngs Harvest Scottish Ale 40 Pint

A dark bitter with a good malty bite. A longer bitter aftertaste, smooth and easy to drink

Youngs harvest Stout 30 Pint

30 pints of dark slightly fruity stout, not too bitter with a good hint of that burnt toast flavour

Youngs Harvest Yorkshire Bitter

Darker bitter with a Yorkshire bite. Clean palate and a creamy head

Youngs Harvest Barley Wine 24 pint

Strong and fruity, slightly sweet but with a nice bitter edge