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Brewmaker Essential Beers and Lagers

Replaces the Bargain Brew, it's the best selling budget beer kit. Good quality homebrew kits at a bargain price

Only four in the range to keep the pice of these brewing kits nice and low. The quality is good though! They're not as full bodied as the more expensive kits but if all you want is a budget beer kit then this is the one


Brewmaker Essential 1.5 Kg 40 Pint Lager

Pale, blonde good looking lager.

Brewmaker Essential 1.5 Kg 40 Pint Bitter Ale

Nice medium bitter with a creamy head and good taste!

Brewmaker Essential 1.5 Kg 40 Pint Mild

Almost but not quite  a dark mild! It's smooth and easy to drink, the most popular mild in the shop.

Brewmaker Essential 1.5 Kg 40 Pint Yorkshire Bitter

With a cooper colour and a more treacly flavour than the normal bitter. For those who prefer the darker bitters

Bargain Brew


Bargain Brew was made in Liverpool by Vina  but it's gone now---

Sorry but all you do is remember it fondly-- The essential range tastes very like it which is why we 're mentioning it here!