Tom Caxton Beer and Lager Kits

These kits have been around since I was at school. They still have a big following.

Some of the oldest home brew kits on the market.


 Tom Caxton . Stocked by Boots in the 70s, one of the original home brew kits from when  it was first made legal.

Eeee. flared trousers and a pint of yer Dad's home brew, a right good night out!

  Warning---This page contains reminiscent content-It harps  back a bit to the old days

Caxton sells well and we're happy to sell it!

All the kits contain an extra sachet of hop enhancer which adds a bit more flavour and character!

There's a printable set of instructions here


Tom Caxton Traditional Lager 40 Pints



Tom Caxton Pilsner Lager 40 Pints

Tom Caxton Pilsner, 40 pints of European gold

Tom Caxton Best Bitter 40 Pints

The standard Bitter, 40 Pints of copper coloured ale

Tom Caxton Extra Strong Bitter 36 Pints 5.3%

Caxton extra strong, 36 pints- We usually make it stronger...



Tom Caxton Yorkshire Bitter 40 Pints

Tom Caxton Yorkshire Bitter. 40 Pints

Tom Caxton Real Ale 40 Pints

Tom Caxton Real Ale 40 Pints - Very Popular

Tom Caxton Dark Real Ale 40 Pits

Tom Caxton Real Ale, but a bit darker.40 Pints