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Brupaks Yorkshire Beers

From Clive at Brupaks, he's a man who loves his beer and it shows in these kits.

We love them too. We think they're some of the best homebrew kits we make!


Brupaks Birkby Bitter 3kg 40 Pints

An excellent session beer! Birkby is just south of Fixby. If you needed to know.

Nice and copper coloured, almost a ruby ale, bit more fruity than the standard ales.


Brupaks Colne Valley Bitter Ale 40 Pints

A fairly light coloured bitter but with a big taste. Sort of Theakstons bitter, that deceptive light taste with a punch of flavour as you drink it.

Brupaks Almondbury Old Bitter Ale 40 pint

A rich tawny bitter. Full flavoured and rich. Just imagine sitting in a pub in the Yorkshire Dales drinking the beer you dream about.


 Popular with the younger drinkers who come in the shop!

Brupaks Kirkburton Ale 24 Pint

We brewed this and were surprised at the complexity of flavours. It's strong! So beware..

Rich and malty and 7%!

Brupaks Linthwaite Light 40 Pints

A pale light coloured beer, not too bitter.

Lager like in colour and reminds me of the old John Willie Lees lager!

Scammonden Dark 40 Pint

Dark porter style beer.    Slightly sweeter than the famous one but we think it's the better for it.

Clive says it's assertive, we're not sure what that means but we didn't want to argue with it.

Black Moor Stout

In the syle of the famous Irish stouts. You know the ones!

Honley Mild 40 pint

It's very hard to get a really good mild now. Eeee, when I were a lad we all drank it...

This one is full bodied and lightly hopped,  much like the old milds! It reminds me of those luscious milds and it's a treat.

Brupaks Special Lager

A classic lager. Not overhopped as some kit lagers are.

Like some of the draught beers you get in Germany.

West Riding Wheat Beer 40 Pint

Very drinkable wheat beer, with those slight banana overtones you get in the commercial wheat beers.

Fixby Gold Bitter Ale 40 Pint

The beers real though and is a gorgeous gold ale with keen hop flavour.

A firm favourite in the shop

India Pale Ale 40 Pint

The trend in pubs seems to be for the well hopped light beers with a full hopped flavour.

We love them, this ones in the same style. We love this too!