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Probably the best kit lager in the world!

Muntons Gold 40 Pint All Malt Beer Kits

These are definitely yummy. They are full bodied and very tasty beers. 

we love them, especially Smugglers.Smugglers used to be the name of a very suspect night club in Stockport,

Their beer was never this good!

The Pilsner is probably the best kit lager in the world  

Muntons Gold Old English Bitter. 3Muntons kg 40 Pints

Muntons classic real ale, the first of the really good beers and still a winner. 40 Pints at 5%
Muntons were the first to bring out these 3kg beers. We've always enjoyed them. A classic almost Victorian style of bitter, a bit of treacle and well chosen hops. A classic pint!

Muntons Gold IPA India Pale Ale 3Kg 40 Pint


40 Pints of Muntons IPA- India Pale Ale

Light beer at 5%

India Pale Ale - Keeping the British troops supplied with fresh beer out in the British East Indies proved to be a problem during the 19th Century. The lengthy journey by sailing ship caused the beers to spoil and a special brew therefore had to be supplied - India Pale Ale. This was brewed to a high alcoholic strength to keep bacteria at bay during the voyage. Upon arrival the beer was watered down to normal pub strength for the troops.

Of course the officers had access to the non-diluted version! However you have a choice. Recreate India Pale Ale, brewed to the Troops Tipple at approximately 1041° strength or the Higher Ranks Reserve version in its higher strength form

Muntons Gold Highland Heavy 3Kg 40 pints


Highland Heavy, 40 pints of tartan delight at 5%.

Made by Muntons as part of the gold range

In Scotland they call the bitters Heavy. If you ask for light you get a mild beer. When we drank in Glasgow in the 80's all the pubs had Heavy beers, and whisky, lots of whisky. Try a pint of Scottish Heavy with a couple of whisky chasers for the real Glaswegian experience.

There are those who say it should accompany the true heavenly foods liker deep fried Mars bar or fried Pizza.

We 'd stick with chip shop haggis if we were drinking it, or maybe a pickled egg.

Muntons Gold Docklands Porter 3 Kg 40 Pint


40 Pints of Porter, the most famous porter is of course Guinness! Made by Muntons

40 Pints at 5%

Here's the history lesson, the great Victorian docks were home to thousands of dock workers who would toil away on long shifts. Hard work and long hours. At the end of a shift they needed liquid and food, there was the breweries supplying this dark thirst quenching beer. This meant they could get food and drink at the same time. Beer was food as well as drink!!

Now we know better, you need a bag of crisps of if you want some food, but the beer is still called porter after the porters stevedores and dockworkers who drank it by the gallon!

Muntons Gold Imperial Stout 3kg 40 Pints


40 Pints of Muntons Imperial Stout. 3 Kg of malt for 40 pints at 5%

Supposed to be named after Imperial Russia, Catherine the Great's Russia. The old Russia before they bought our football teams, even before the revolution in 1917.

Find out what life was like in pre-revolution Russia without even  having to kick a peasant! Try an Imperial Stout!

Muntons Gold Pilsner 3Kg 40 Pints


 A full bodied pils from Muntons.

40 Pints at 5%

 This one hits  the right spots. A pure malt pilsner. No added sugar means that it tastes like the great European Pilsners.

3Kg of malt and a generous measure of lager hops.

It's possibly the best kit lager in the world....

Premium Gold-3.6 Kg


The kits below are the Premium Gold Range

They contain 3.6 Kg of malt. They are the drink that you treat yourself to at the end of the night! The special in the end pump! When you make it yourself you can have the special for every pint! Try some of the best homebrew! Spoil yourself... You have our permission.