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Probably the best kit lager in the world!

Muntons Gold 40 Pint All Malt Beer Kits

These are definitely yummy. They are full bodied and very tasty beers. 

we love them, especially Smugglers.Smugglers used to be the name of a very suspect night club in Stockport,

Their beer was never this good!

The Pilsner is probably the best kit lager in the world  

Muntons Gold Old English Bitter. 3Muntons kg 40 Pints

Muntons classic real ale, the first of the really good beers and still a winner. 40 Pints at 5%

Muntons Gold IPA India Pale Ale 3Kg 40 Pint

40 Pints of Muntons IPA- India Pale Ale

Light beer at 5%

Muntons Gold Highland Heavy 3Kg 40 pints

Highland Heavy, 40 pints of tartan delight at 5%.

Made by Muntons as part of the gold range

Muntons Gold Docklands Porter 3 Kg 40 Pint

40 Pints of Porter, the most famous porter is of course Guinness! Made by Muntons

40 Pints at 5%

Muntons Gold Imperial Stout 3kg 40 Pints

40 Pints of Muntons Imperial Stout. 3 Kg of malt for 40 pints at 5%

Muntons Gold Pilsner 3Kg 40 Pints

 A full bodied pils from Muntons.

40 Pints at 5%