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Gorgeous! A glass of Coopers Homebrew!

Coopers Beer Kits

Yep! The world famous Coopers Home brew beers! In kit form. As with most kits these are fine brewed with normal household sugar. Some of the instructions tell you to use beer enhancer and malt, it does improve body and character.  It puts the price up though and it may be better to buy a more expensive kit to begin with

Coopers home brew brewed in Australia since 1862 With the advance in home brew technology the beer kits have moved on. Coopers has always been popular but we're seeing increased sales of the Black Rock and other lagers as the rest catch up!

Coopers ask you to spend more money on carbonation drops, malt extract and brew enhancer- This is called "Up Selling" It's a bit naughty that you buy a beer kit and find out that you have to buy a load more stuff to make it taste like the label says...



Coopers Lager 40 Pint

It's like the tinned Australian stuff, crisp and lagery tasting. We think it's much better than the UK kit lagers. Coopers do make lovely beer. This one is very popular in the shop as well. We love it!

Coopers Draught 40 Pint

In Australia it's served as a draught beer! More bitter than the lager and a sort of lager bitter cross-Excellent!
It's a good pale golden brew with a dense head, not like the dense head that you get after drinking ten pints though.
It's got a bitter palate and in Oz it's really a draught bitter

Coopers Real Ale Bitter 40 pint

Australian Real ale! What does it mean? They have it in Oz as well! Like the stuff you buy in a UK pub but made in Australia!

Made by Coopers so you know it's go to be good!

Coopers Stout 40 Pint

It's not quite an Irish stout, it's not as bitter. A bit more creamy, more like the old stouts you could buy in the UK before they were killed off by Guinness. That old type Mackeson or Newton and Ridleys stout---What? Newton and Ridlleys is a pretend brewery? Coronation Street isn't a real place? NO!

Coopers Wheat Beers 40 pint

Coopers Wheat Beer

It's like wheat beer, I like it. It tastes very like the commercial stuff. It's got the banana overtones and the yeastiness. Sort of like a lager but with a lot more going on. Full of flavour, not the usual boring lager!

Coopers Classic Old Dark 40 Pints Old Ale

Classic Old Dark


Nice dark beer, with just a hint of chocolate. We love it. They know how to make a good dark beer in Oz, we seem to have lost the ability. It';s not a mild but a dark bitter

Coopers Canadian Blonde 40 Pint

A Canadian beer made in Australia and sold in England...Sounds like a joke! We know some of the Canadian pale beers are excellent, much better than their American cousins. It's a bit more bitter than a lager, getting on for a pale ale. Very popular!

Coopers Cereveza Mexican Beer!


In Stockport bars they drink this with a lump of lime stuck in the neck. I'm told it's the best way, I tried it and it wasn't that good!

The kity is lovely! Along the lines of a Corona, the Mexican bottled stuff,  For the best results, we recommend the use of 1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer 2 with this product.

Coopers European Lager

European Lager

This used to be called Bavarian Lager but for some reason they had to change the name- Tastes the same though!

Coopers European Lager captures the style of the finest quality lagers exported from Northern Europe. Serve well chilled in a tall, narrow glass with a generous head of 5cm or so and savour the herbaceous hop aroma and crisp finish. For the best results mix with 1kg of Coopers Brew Enhancer  and store for at least 12 weeks in the bottle prior to drinking.

Coopers Irish Stout 40 Pints

This one is like the stuff you buy in Dublin! Not the poor pint you get elsewhere, it has the real bitterness and black malt of the original. And not a drop of Liffey water in it!

Coopers English Bitter 40 Pints

Made for the Australian market where they don't get much English Beer, they do know a thing about brewing though so it is a gorgeous pint! I'd call it a Yorkshire style bitter, bit darker and creamy than our Stockport beer!

Coopers recommend you add 500g light malt to this beer. It works well without it but it does add a depth of flavour and body!


Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale

A pale ale from Coopers,  like a craft brewery ale.

Coopers Preachers Hefeweiss

A wheat beer from Coopers

Coopers Innkeepers Daughter Sparkling Ale

Cooper Inn Keepers Daughter