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Carafe 21 3 Week Express Wine Kits

These home brew wine kits have been around a long time- People will tell you that they 're no longer available.

The  Carafe 21 are still on sale and we have them in stock!.


These wines all require the addition of sugar-Usually three to four kilo.



Carafe 21 Medium Dry White 30 Bottle Wine Kit

Old favourite, 30 Bottles of a nice white wine

Contains a Litre of grape juice, you'll need 3.5 Kg of sugar to make this kit

Carafe 21 Classic Full Red 30 Bottle Wine Kit

 3 week express wine! 30 Bottles of full red

There's a litre of juice in the kit and you'll need 3.5 Kg of sugar

Vigneron White 30 Bottle wine kit SORRY ALL GONE NOW


The standard white 3 week wine kit

Express winemaker superieur!

Vigneron Hocksteiner 30 Bottle Wine kit


30 bottles of German style white wine

SOrry all gone!

Vigneron Liebsteiner 30 Bottle White


A fruity Medium style German white wine.

Vigneron Rich Red 30 Bottle Red Wine ALl Gone Now sorry

Along the lines of a French Red wine, fruity and medium bodied

Vinamat Red sorry all gone...