Winexpert Selection Estate, Eclipse and With Grapeskins

These are the best kits you can buy.

This is our opinion and we are happy to state it

They are worth the little bit extra, bottle them and keep them for a few months and they really begin to shine.

If you love your wine you should try these!


Delivery on all these kits may be a week-We have a huge  stock but we don't stock them all but we do  have a delivery every week! And we have drunk them all!

The Selection range have been repackaged and improved, they are now even better and they were very good before!

They are now called Winexpert and you'll love them even more!



Winexpert Eclipse German Mosel Gerwurtztraminer 30 Bottle White


Winexpert Eclipse Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel Red 30 bottles

A dry, sturdy, vigorous red wine that is very fruit-forward with flavours of black fruits, cherry, leather and spice.
Sweetness : Dry Oak : Medium
Body : Medium  
Awards : Silver Award (Winemaker Magazine)
eclipse estate

Winexpert Eclipse Napa Valley Stag's Leap District Merlot Red 30 bottles

Napa Valley, California! Home of some the best wines in the world. 

Winexpert Eclipse Italian Nebbiolo 30 Bottle Red

Italian , full bodied and hot, sunny and full of latin temperament
essential estate

Winexpert Eclipse New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc White 30 Bottles

Fresh from New Zealand. Sauvignon Blanc
essential estate

Winexpert Eclipse Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay White 30 Bottles

A fresh, well-balanced wine with typical Chardonnay characteristics of tropical citrus aromas and flavours. The fruit quality of these grapes is allowed to shine through, and the rich, round mouth feel lingers to a long, crisp finish without the influence of oak.
Sweetness : Dry Oak : None
Body : Medium-Full  
Awards : Gold Award (Winemaker Magazine)

Winexpert Eclipse Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet Sauvignon Red 30 Bottles

A hearty red wine with complex flavours of blackcurrants, cherry, oak, pepper and spice. Very well-integrated with soft tannins on an elegant finish.
Sweetness : Dry Oak : Heavy
Body : Medium-Full  
Awards : Gold Award (Winemaker Magazine)