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Syphoning-The container you syphon into has to be lower than the other one!

Syphons,De Gasser, Beer and Wine Bottling Machines

Tubes and Syphons. U tubes and bits of taps and things.

If it's got a use in homebrew we have it. Some of this stuff can be used for both wine and beer making.

If there's something you want and we don't have it here please ask and we will get it for you or put it into stock.

Stuff for putting your wine and beer into bottles, having a bucket or fermenter with a tap on it saves some time. You can buy a tap and fit one yourself or just buy one ready made!

Also the Ritchie Degasser- A handy device for knocking all the co2 out of your finished wine! Saves all that shaking. It's also known as the Brewgas Whizz Stick, same thing different names!


NEW!! Racking/Bottling Cane Syphon Valve


A racking cane, a or a syphon valve. Like an automatic  on off syphon stick.

It goes on the end of your syphon tube that goes into the bottle.

It has a small valve on the bottom that turns the flow off automatically when you lift it up.

Just touch the sticky out pin against the neck of the bottle to fill to exactly where you want.

A clever and useful device!

As it fills right down to the bottom of the botle it stops frothing as well.

Complete- syphon, tube and tap


The most popular, a clear tube, u tube and a tap.

Just make sure the tap end is lower than the other end, suck and the magic of gravity does  the rest!

About 5/16" or 8mm id The plastic tube is about 1.5 metres long which with the U tube gives a total length of 1.9 metres. Plenty to get from worktop to the ground!

Stainless Racking Cane and Bucket Clip 70cm


A stainless tube as a syphon tube. Its 28" long. Has a push on plastic piece on the bottom to stop sediment going up the syphon.


It's a bit long at 28" for normal use, it's very useful for large buckets or beer barrels though! Includes a clip to hold it on the side of the bucket/barrel.

It would be easy enough to saw a bit off to make it exactly the size you want, in lovely stainless as well!

U Tube Plastic


The  plastic u tube on it's own, It's not a u at all any more!

They used to be when they were glass, we still call them u tubes though- Sucks down to stop the sediment being sucked up the tube-Clever eh?

8mm Plastic Tube For Syphoning Wine and Beer

Clear plastic tube.The usual length is 1.5 m and it's enough for most uses! But you can choose longer if you would prefer

Plastic inline tap

A small plastic tap that fits the standard 8mm tube

Latstock Bucket Clip


A small plastic clip that supports the u tube and the syphon tube, Clips to the side of the bucket.

The picture gives you the idea! You just get the clip not the tube or the bucket!

1/2" , 12mm tube Clear Plastic


Clear plastic tube with a 1/2" bore. Please ask if you'd like custom  lengths

1/2" 12 mm inline plastic tap

inline plastic tap that fits the 1/2" tube. Make your own length of syphon! Take a bit of effort to get a long syphon working, you may have to fill the  tube with liquid rather than just suck!

Stainless Steel Bottling Funnel with Strainer 13 Cm


Telescopic Syphon and Tube -Red

Red plastic syphon and tube, extends to reach the bottom of a five gallon fermenter or a demijohn.Comes complete with a clip type tap.

Big Bore Syphon Tube 16mm


A 1.5 metere length of 16mm tube and a tap. For very fast syphoning

Colley-Squeeze action syphon

Like those for nicking petrol, it's a small squeeze operated pump that starts the syphon off. Prevents those unhygenic practices!

Three Head Bottle Filler Gravity System SORRY SOLD


This is a professional unit.

All stainless and a really easy to use unit for bottle filling

Click on the picture for a bigger image

Takes any size of bottle, height and fill depth is adjustable.

Reservoir is directly above so bottles fill by direct injection rather than syphon action.

Fast and easy to use

High quality stainless steel.

Adjustable for foamy beers or still wines.

Easy to clean and very well made.

Returnable if not happy

The tank is on a ball cock system like a water cistern, if you have a gravity feed from the storage vessel it automatically keeps full so no spillage problems

Please  phone to ask for more details as it's hard to explain it

Stainless 5 head bottle Filling Machine


A few more pictures of the bottle filler--

Click on the picture for a slide show

Will fill 12 bottles a minute easily but you will need two of you at this rate!

Best set up with a gravity feed to the reservoir .

The reservoir is controlled by a stainless ball cock system which means no overflowing.

Drain valve on reservoir, everything stainless for hygeine and easy cleaning

Stainless Bottling Machine Three or Five Head


 A lovely device that allows you fill three bottles at one time.

  • Fits most standard bottles -  500 to 1 litre
  • Cuts off when bottle is full
  • Reservoir tank is on a ball cock system
  • Reservoir supply shuts off when full
  • Depth of reservoir and bottle adjustable
  • Size of Bottle adjustable
  • All Stainless  

This is a lovely bottle filler and much improved on the  old type. It's all stainless and there is a lot more control, bottles are held securely and we love it!

Bottle height is easily adjustable and that red bulb starts the flow without sucking anything..

Bottling Machine 3 Head Steel and plastic out of stock sorry


Economy version of the bottling machine.

Intended for domestic use fast easy bottling

Made of plastic and painted steel

Super Automatic Bottle Filler


Automatic bottle filler , made by buonvino. Fills most bottles and most amounts, for beer , wine or cider!

Fills bottles fast and cleanly, its a good piece of kit for the small micro!

We had a good long play with this gadget and we like it! It's a nice piece of kit.

It fills most bottle sizes , beer, wine cider and half bottles and will cope with as many bottles as you want to fill!

The syphon tube  is the bit sticking out the side-it has a bendy piece of wire in it so you can shape it to hook over the side of the bucket which is a great idea, the bottom of the syphon stays where you want it! Right at the bottom of the container and doesn't waggle about disturbing the sediment. Also you can bend the wire to suit any size of bucket which is great!

The auto syphon bit turns off the flow of liquid when the  bottle is full! There's magic elves in the bit shaped like a flying saucer, they sense when the  bottle is full and turn it off!

 There's an adjusting screw to make it work faster or slower

The rubber sleeve that fits in the  neck of the bottle is adjustable so you can control the depth the  bottle is filled. You need to warm the rubber a bit with hot water to get it to move easily though!

The small pipe coming out the top is the air out as the  bottle fills, it also acts as an overflow and a bit of wine can come out of it so it should be put into another bottle just to catch the drips. It also acts as a breathing tube for the magic Elves that make the flying saucer bit work...

It's a bit of a fiddle to set it up but its easy enough. Once it's right its a doddle.

 To start it you suck the small tube coming out of the neck of the flying saucer so you're not sucking bits that the wine goes through which is essential in a microbrewery set up.


Ritchie De Gasser - Brewgas Whizz Stick


It's a stainless rod with two vanes that whizzes around in your wine and knocks the gas out,

You just put it in the electric drill. For safety reasons we'd suggest the rechargeable one!

Works very well and speeds up clearing and maturing of wines

Also known as the Brewgas whizz stick or the degasser, or the Ritchie de gasser! Lots of names for the same thing.  We really like this gadget, it does speed up maturing and helps the wine to clear fast!

Especially useful for fast maturing of red wines where the slight 'prickle' left over from fermenting is not wanted

Fermtech Auto Syphon 1/2"


Fermtech  Auto syphon - You push the small tube into the big tube and it forces the liquid up the tube.

Once it starts it continues by the magic of gravity.

They're very good and will fill 25 bottles in under half an hour.


Fermtech Auto Syphon 3/8


Smaller version of the above, it's perfect for demijohns.

You're better off with the 1/2" version for 5 gallon brews but   fermtech says this is the most popular one!

You don't get the syphon tube with this any more, you're going to have to buy some.... It's 3/8 so the stuff you have probably won't fit sorry!

3/8 Syphon tube to fit the 3/8 Autosyphon

This is the 3/8 syphon tube to fit the 3/8 autosyphon. It's 1.5 metre long. If you buy two we'll send you 3 metres...