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Hydrometers thermometers and test equipment

Testing equipment, PH meters, PH papers and acid testing kits .

We like to think we can supply it! Everything home brew

We've also got hydrometers for testing the alcoholic content of distilled products! You'll find them on the table top still page HERE

We supply a full range of measuring equipment for homebrew, if we don't have it listed please ask!


Hydrometer Beer and Wine

German made hydrometer, measures density of the liquid.

Tells you when the wine/beer has finished fermenting

calculate the alcohol content of your beer or wine-you need to take a reading before the yeast goes in and one at the end!

Refractometer 0-32 Brix, 1.00. to 1.120 SG

Refractometer- Good quality instrument for most wine and beer needs

Hydrometer in Degrees Babo 0 to 36

Alternative to normal scale, it measures in degrees Babo Scale 0 to 36 which corresponds to 0 to 1100 on the standard hydrometer

Wine Thief, Sampler, Pipette

Plastic, you just get one! The picture shows how it splits apart for cleaning, the corks are so you can tell how big it is!

Plastic Trial/Hydrometer Test Jar

A 100 Ml trial jar, perfect for your hydrometer!

If you want a test jar then it's this one

Calibrated from 0 to 100 Ml

Hydrometer Jar Plastic/Graduated 100 ml cylinder

A plastic jar to fit the hydrometer in, makes reading the density a doddle.

Otherwise you're messing about with milk bottles or something

Wine Alcohol Meter- Measures alcohol

Measure the alcohol in finished wine. 0 to 25%

It's a capillary tube with a small funnel at the end.

Pour some wine in and surface tension holds the wine in the tube, more alcohol less surface tension.

Not precise but good fun

Alcohol meter 0 to100%

Measures alcohol content of a distilled product-not suitable for normal wines and beers!

If you want to measure the alcohol that is coiming out of your still, then this is the right one!

Specific Gravity Table

Just click on the image - Tells you the amount of sugar and potential alcohol for your hydrometer reading!  Take the Hydrometer reading at the start of fermentation and at the end. So, you start at 1080 and end at 1010. It dropped by 1070 points which makes it 9.3 % alcohol. If it drops to .990 then it would be a 1090 point drop! So, 12%. To print this out just click on the picture then right click and it will pop up a menu.


Thermometer- Glass

For measuring temperature of course, standard in glass.

12" long and 0 to 100c- If you just want the standard thermometer then it's this one!

Hydrometer Jar Glass

Same as the plastic one but made of glass

Calibrated measuring Cylinder in Glass

Measures from 20 to 250 ml in glass.

Bit big for a trial jar but will take the larger hydrometers.

The glass is thin so be careful!

Digital PH Meter

Nice pocket ph meter. Quickly and simply measures PH of wine or beer. You'll need some buffer solution as well!

Buffer solution for ph meter

A small tub of buffer solution to enable you to calibrate the PH meter

Ph Strips 2.8

PH strips 2.8 to 4.6. The old litmus paper type.

One pack of about 20 strips, it says 20 on the packet...

Ph Papers 3.8-

Ph strips 3.8 to 5.5 The old litmus paper type. Pack of 20 strips.

ph papers 5.2

ph strips 5.2 to 6.8 . Known as universal indicator papers according to Peter the chemist...

Hydrometer in Degrees Brix

Please ask! We have a few in stock, scales vary, you don't usually use them in UK wine making.