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Ciders! We've got the lot!

Cider Kits

There's quite a few homebrew ciders and  we've got the whole range!

From Muntons Autumn Blush Cider to Magnum Strawberry Cider

If you like home brew cider then we are the best!

Home brew ciders tend to be dry and full of flavour. They are not like Strongbow!

These are full bodied dry and have a character of the real old farmhouse ciders.

If you like the draught cider from any decent real ale pub you will love these!

Homebrew ciders are among the elite of the homebrew world! They taste like farmhouse ciders, lots of flavour and loads of appliness!

On The Rocks Mixed Berry Cider 40 Pints New!

MIxed berry cider, 40 pints of your favourite mix

MIxed berry is the new favourite cider! It's limited edition which means we may not have it long so try it while we have it!


Magnum Cider 40 Pint


Made in Sweden from the best quality apple juice.

You can see when you open the tin that it's good concentrate.

A nice dry cider with a good apple bouquet!

Magnum Pear Cider 40 pint


Made with pear juice of course! The French have always made a fantastic pear cider, the UK version was known as Perry and suffered a bit!

This is like the excellent Normandy Pear ciders and is a classic.

Strawberry Cider ! 40 pints


Yep! Cider with a strawberry flavour!

It's selling really well, tastes good ! What more do you want!

It's been with us a while now, everyone that buys it loves it! We didn't think the fruit ciders would be as good as they are, we like being proved wrong!

Festival Forest Fruits Cider 40 Pints 5.2%

Forest Fruit Cider from Festival

There's only three in the range, and they are all winners!

Forest fruit like the others has liquid apple concentrate and dried fruits.. And it's gorgeous.

Big apple flavour with the fruit edging through, fresh and bright.

The combination and liquid and dried really works well!

Festival Oaked Apple Cider 40 Pints 7.2%


Festival Cider KIts!


Oaked apple cider kits, they're from fetsival and we think they're the best kits we've ever tasted.

They're selling very well and they taste great!

Oaked apple has that mature in the oak barrel flavour, elusive and very Somerset!

7.2 % so be careful out there!

Festival Peach Cider 40 Pints 5%

Festival Peach Cider

Complete peach cider, needs no sugar.

it has dried and liquid fruits in the kit. This gives a flavour that is close to the commercial product!

 40 Pints of peachiness!

On The Rocks Raspberry and Lime Cider 40 Pints

Raspberry and lime flavour cider! 40 pints of exciting cider.

Raspberries and limes are nice and healthy, they're even part of your daily 5!

We're convinced this must be a really healthy cider to drink. It must be, it's got fruit in it!

On The Rocks Blueberry Cider 40 Pints

Blueberry Cider, forty pints of the bloo stuff!

Blueberry cider, they're not just good in pies, they're fantastic in cider!

Mixed apple and blueberry, it's too many good things at  once. It's proving very popular!

Elderflower Cider 40 pint


A top quality cider extract with a sachet of Elderflower extract.

It gives a flowery bouquet, in the UK the old country cider makers knew the secret of adding a few elderflowers, it was lost in time.

Now you can follow this old tradition, you can control the amount of extract you add to suit the flavour to your own taste!

Black Rock Cider 40 pint


Made in New Zealand.

A different flavour to the European apples.

A more intense apple flavour, bone dry and delicious!

Muntons Cider Premium Gold 30Pint


Contains twice as much juice as the other ciders.

The most full bodied cider, like the best of the country ciders, smooth and rounded and not too dry.

Intense appley flavours

5% as a finished cider!

Bulldog Brews Premium Cider Toffee Apple 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints


How cool is this?

Cider with toffee apples! Bonfire night with a rocket on the end!

Cider with a blast of toffee, you can catch the smell of the toffee, then the apple , then the sweetness then the tartness of the cider apples!

You're going to love this one!!


Bulldog Brews Premium Cider Perfect Apple 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints

From  the Bulldog brews kennel! 40 pints of the very finest cider. 

Made with 3kg of concetrated apple juice, Bulldog have produced some exceptional beers and have now turned their paws to cider. This one is the dogs! Possibly the best cider we've tasted, not as ruff as the rest, you'd have to barking to not make it!


Bulldog Brews Premium CiderStrawberry and Lime 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints

Bulldog brews strawberry and lime cider

Yummy! Strawberries and lime! Sounds like it was made in heaven, maybe it was, small cherubim flew down and mixed this angelic brew just for you!

3 kg of juice , add no sugar just the juice in the kit but beware! The angels who invented this brew will blow their horns in your head if you drink too much! 

Bulldog Brews Premium Mixed Berry 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints

Bulldog brews mixed berry cider, 40 pints of the choicest fruitiest berries you could ever imagine

Blackberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants. Bursting out of a cider like  an alcoholic pack of Opal Fruits.

Just shut your eyes and imagine those berries rolling over your tastebuds! You taste every one like a bunch of drunken pixies on a binge in the enchanted forest, we love a good cider!

Bulldog Brews Premium Cider Perfect Pear 4.5% 23 Litres 40 pints


We've been told to make no jokes about the perfect pear...

40 pints of pear cider, a full 3kg of pear and apple juice to make a wonderful pear cider. the balance is just right, not too heavy on the pears, just enough to bring out the body and character of the pears. They do make a wonderful cider, or possibly perry if we were being correct!

Yes, we love a good pear cider..

Brew Buddy Cider 40 Pint

A cider from the brew buddy stable

Brewmaker De Luxe Cider

Budget Cider

Youngs Peach and Passion Fruit Cider 40 Pints 3.5Kg


Just in! makes 40 pints at 4.8%-

Made with pear, peach and passion fruit juice.

Most of the flavoured ciders contain just flavourings to give the cider it's taste. These contain the fruit juices so the flavour is a bit more subtle. They still have flavours, but they are a bit more expensive tasting!

It has that delicious sharpness of the traditional cider followed by the peachiness. Then that slightly elusive passion fruit flavour, you know it's there but you can't place the taste, then it hits you, yeah, passion fruit!

Youngs Raspberry and Mango Cider 40 Pints 3.5 Kg


4.8% Raspberry and Mango cider.

It's a sort of raspberry jam cider, then the mangos cut in like they do on a poppadom!

Needs no extra sugar as it's a full 3.5kg of juice

With pear raspberry and apple juice.


Youngs Strawberry and Lime Cider 40 Pints 3.5 Kg


5.2%. 40 pints at a serious gravity, one of the all time classics. Strawberry and Lime, a pink cider with  a big strawberry nose.

The lime sort of sits in background hidden in the overall cideryness. It adds to the fruity sourness in a great way.

They used to add lime to their cider in the West Country, like a lager and blackcurrant, it was good then and it brought back memories!