Brewferm and Brupaks Hop Oils

Hop Oils From Brewferm and Brupaks

Brewferm Hop Oils

These add the aroma of the hop with out the bitterness.

The smell of the hop is the first thing to go when boil hops, just fermenting beer in the bucket can drive a lot of the oil off.

Breweries often add a big handful of hops direct to the barrel to put back that gorgeous hop aroma that we love!

Hop oils are just aroma, you can add them to a barrel or to the beer just before bottling, bottle as soon as you can to stop that aroma escaping!

We've added direct to the bottle to test it out and it you can smell it straightaway. customers were saying they could smell it as they came in the door of the shop.


Brewferm Woody Hop Oil 5 Ml


Brewferm Woody Hop Oil 5Ml

Use 5Ml for 50 litres beer

    Gives the classic Woody aroma, Challenger Tettnag and Northdown hop style.

Enough here for two 5 gallon / 40 pint brews

Brewferm Citrussy Hop Oil 5Ml

5 Ml of Brewferm Citrussy hop oil.

Enough for 80 Pints or 50 Litres of beer.

It's got those elusive Citrus aromas that we have come to love.

Grapefruit, lemon and that sharp edge of citrus fruits

Think Cascade, Mosaic, Amarillo or Nelson Sauvin hops

Brewferm Herbal Hop Oil 5 Ml

Brewferm woody hop oil, 5 Ml enough for 50 Litres beer

Columbus , Perle hops. Think of that herby almost grassy nose you get with some hops. A bit exotic but familiar.


Brewferm Hoppy Hop Oil 5 Ml

Brewferm Hoppy Hop Oil 5 Ml WEnough for 50 Litres
We tried it and it smells like hops, it's a sort of blanket generic hop aroma. A bit like traditional Uk ales, suitable for Old Ales, traditional beers , bitters.

Brewferm Flower Hop Oil 50 Ml

Brewferm hop oil, Flower. 5 Ml enough for 50 Litres

That nice floral aroma, Goldings TArget, Fuggles.

A bit hay lofty, flowery, use with bitters, stouts, milds, IPa

Brupaks Chinook Hop Oil 10 Ml


Enough for 50 Litres

Brewferm Chinook Hop Oil

This one is really hoppy. The aroma is strong, piney and spicy.

Brupaks Goldings Hop Oil 50 Ml

Goldings Hop Oil 50 Ml

Good old Goldings hop aroma, it was until recently the number one choice of hops. It's still a great hop and good all rounder.

Floral. spicey, earthy honey.

Brupaks Cascade Hop Oil 10 Ml


10 Ml cascade Hop Oil

Enough for 50 Litres beer

Cascade, possiby the most popular craft brewery hop, they have that floral sort of citrussy aroma.

Brupaks Mount Hood Hop Oil 10 Ml

Brupaks Mount Hood Hop Oil

Mount Hood hops, known for their spicy floral aromas. The hop oil delivers these, and a bit of almost warmness in the aroma.

Brupaks Halletuar Hop Oil 10 Ml

Brupaks Hop  Hallertau Oil enough for 50 Litres beer
Hallertau  are the main lager hop, with mild sort of floweriness they are typical of the main lagers.

Brupaks Saaz Hop Oil 10 Ml

Brupaks Saaz Hop Oil 10 Ml Enough for 50 Litres Lager
Saaz, a bit more spicy and herbal than hallaertau, used for Pilsners and Lagers