T500 Turbo Still Spirits Big Condenser Reflux and Pot Stills and Accessories

These are the 25 Litre stills, with all the accessories

Made by Smart Still, who also go under the name of Imake

It's illegal to make distilled spirit in the UK without a licence please refer to www.hmrc.gov.uk The section on Public Notice 39, Spirits production in the UK gives a lot more information.   


You will need a licence to distil alcohol in the UK.

Please check your own countries regulations before buying/using a still.

We're having trouble getting spares and replacements for these stills, we'll be stocking a better line shortly... Please bear with us! WHAT'S LEFT AT GREAT DISCOUNTS!!


Still Spirits T 500 Fractioning Column Stainless Condensor only SALE!!!"

We've a few of these a give away price ! ££171!!

To fit the T 500 Boiler- Screws directly onto the lid.

You'll need a lid if you're fitting it to the Grainfather.

Still Spirits Alembic Dome Top SORRY SOLD OUT

The Alembic Dome Top to fit the T 500 boiler

Also fits the Grainfather!

Produces those old tradional pot still type alcohols.

T 500 Stainless 25 Litre Boiler sorry sold out

30 Litre capacity to take 25 Litre of wash.

With auto cut outs and full stainless construction

Ready to fit the condensers with predrilled hole in lid to the right size.


Still Spirits Pot Still Alembic Pot Still With Pot Still Copper Condense SORRY OUT OF STOCKr

Traditional Style Pot Still

25 Litre Capacity - Using the same boiler but with a tradtional copper pot head and copper "Leibig" style copper condenser

Still Spirits T 500 Turbo Still With Fractioning Column Copper Condenser sorry out of stock

Complete still for producing high quality commercial grade  alcohol.

From the Still Spirits Company

Pot capacity 25 Litres

You might need a tap adaptor to take the flow adjuster. Your plumber can advise but a lot of modern taps have the correct screw type adaptor to allow for a water frother.

Still Spirits T 500 Turbo Still With Stainless Fractioning Column Condense sorry sold outr

This is the stainless version of the T 500 still and is the most popular still. It includes full instructions and precise flow  tap adaptors. Pot capacity 25 litres.

You might need an adaptor to fit your tap, like the copper still head it needs a threaded tap.

T500 STill Fractioning Column Condenser in Coppe SORRY OUT OF STOCKr

It's the copper version of  the stainless t500 still head

Complete with digital thermometers and fittings

Still Spirits Pot Still Copper Condenser Onl SORRY SOLD OUTy

The Pot Still copper condensor.


T500 Still Conditioner

The conditioner for the T 500 still