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Here's the brewery truck delivering your finest homebrew beer!

Woodfordes Homebrew Kits

These were the first of the really good home brew beer kits.

They led and the rest followed.

They're still good, take home a Wherry today!

No trip down the Norfolk Broads is complete without a pint of Woodfordes ales!
Some of the pubs have mooring just a few feet from the pub... Perfect
A short walk home ad a wobbly trip up the gang plank to bed!
Fabulous Woodfordes ales and you can make your own, home brew Woodfordes!

Woodfordes Wherry Golden Bitter 40 pint


Medium hopped fruity bitter. The darker side of golden.

Happy memories of sailing on the Broads and drinking this every evening!

Our favourite in this range-but what do we know!

Woodforde's Admiral's Reserve 36 Pints


Nutty and a dark copper colour 5.5% 36 Pints of real ale.

A sweeter bitter, the  one off the end pump that you have a pint of at the end of the night. Heavier than the standard bitter, a treat for the long walk home!.

Malty but a true bitter with a full fruity flavour

Woodfordes Nog - Porter Style Beer 40 pint

It's a dark mysterious treat. We think it's much better left for for a couple of weeks before you drink it. But that is your choice!
4.5%. Dark in colour, caramel malts give a nice toasty flavour. Bit like the old winter milds but more bitter. It's won a few awards as well!

Woodfordes Headcracker- Barley wine 24 pints


Bronze coloured and 7%

Makes 3 gallons, we think it's best bottled and drunk slowly.

We do make it in the  barrel as well though!

Woodfordes Nelsons Revenge Strong Bitter 36 pints


Nelsons Revenge. Well hopped light  amber coloured beer.

We're not sure what the revenge was for,but it does tastes gorgeous mate!" Or should that "It tastes gorgeous first mate?

Makes 36 pints- at 5%

A light amber beer with those citrusy notes, well hopped and full bodied!

Woodfordes Sundew Light Hoppy Bitter 40 Pints

40 Pints of golden bitter at 4.2%

A very pale bitter with that Citrus flavour we've all fallen for. Very hoppy, looks like a lager, tastes like a bitter.

We all love these new hoppy blonde beers, Sundew is a great one!