Braumeister Bulldog Brewing and Grainfather System and Accessories


The Grainfather and Bulldog Brewing Systems


The Grainfather Braumeister or Bulldog Brewer?

Bulldog brewer...Good price. HAS A TAP! Does what it says. Excellent Price

Grainfather---Expensive, Has no tap, Does what it says Expensive

Braumeister--Expensive and worth it, really top notch goods, the best you can buy..

The Bulldog Brewer is a brewing system that has been developed and improved and is now the best of the systems.

It mashes, sparges and boils. Also cools the boiled malts!

It's a very handy and self contained mashing/boiling unit. Takes up the minimum amount of space and

is easy to clean.

Bit of a dream really...

All of our brewing systems come with a full 12 month gaurantee and after sales support with full  spares supply

We do not  supply spares for Grainfather


The Bulldog Brewer Mk4 with recirculation pipe and perforated top plate

Spcial offer!! 552.00 extra 5% discount at checkout means you only pay £552

 These are the new really improved version...


Double walled, programmable, glass lid, magnetic drive pump, tap,

NEW RRP WILL BE £650... Our price £552 with the discount at checkout!

The new  Bulldog Master Brewer- Bulldog took the Grainfather and made it better and  cheaper!

Full guarantee for 12 Months and back up spares supply!

It's the Mk4 with the  -- Improved magnetic pump and extended seven program   timer glass lid double walled...

It's improved on the old system, the old system was good, it's got better handles, improved pipes, better lid, and th emagnetic pump!

And a tap!!

It's now better! IT includes a seven step mash program and the 99 minute timer

The Bulldog Brewers System.

It's all stainless, it's easy to use, it's simple and it's a very very good price

A stainless boiler, mash tun, electric pump and digital temperature control system. Plus a cooler!

It's a complete mashing and sparging package in one.


30 Litre Boiler with cut out and digital controller

25 Litre inner sparge container with sparge mesh

Electric Pump

Hop Bazooka

Wort Chiller

Stainless Tap

All Fittings




The Grainfather-Connect £665Cheapest Anywhere! Stock clearout! Extra 5% discount on this item at checkout.



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IT has the extra Connect control box..

Full Gaurantee for 12 months  With the new connect system!

Click on the picture for lots more pictures of the Grainfather!

Complete with the connect control box- It's as the picture but with the upgraded control box  to make it a connect

A complete mashing, sparging and boiling system. These are easy to use, and take up a small amount of space.

They're very popular and you can see why! We've been playing with one at the shop and it makes the whole brewing process a doddle.

It's not perfect but what is!! It's a damned fine system and we're in love with it.

It's stainless where it needs to be, a glass top so you see what's going on. There's pumps, filters pipes and boiling dib dabs. It's a really nice and simple thing, you want one!!


Comes with a counter flow worth chiller, recirculation motor , digital temperature control, phone connect system  and all the gadgets.


Braumeister 10 Litre

The Braumeister, brilliant, well built, own one and never ever want anything else

48 x30 cm. Makes 10 litres of beer.

The best brewing system, superb quality, the best you can buy.

It 's way above anything else in terms of build quality and ease of use, they are gorgeous

You want one, go for the best and spoil yourself

BullDog Stainless Sparge Water Heater 18 Litre 2 Kw


18 Litre Stainless Water Heater.

Takes the same  electric pump fitting as the Bulldog Brewer making liquid transfers easy- You can use the bulldog brewer pump.

Excellent addition to the Bulldog Brewer range

Braumeister 20 Litre

20 Litres Braumeister

So spoil youirself, it's just the best equipment you can get.

Pump, boiler, mashing, sparging, it's all there and the quality is awesome.

Grainfather Control Box


It's a really spiffy gadget, connect  via your iphone to the Grainfather, uses bluetooth, and allows great control


Connect via your phone to the grainfather and enjoy more accurate programmable mashing, step mashing extra    recipes.

Connects to Ipad or phone, android is on it's way!

 You can delay heating so the water is at strike temp when you get up in the morning,

Lots more on the App, allows gradual increases in temperature so no spiking. Much more control on the mash and boil.

The Grainfather Sparge Water Heater


18 Litre water heater.

Nice site glass and a thermostat control for water temperature

Looks good alongside the grainfather, allows you to heat and store extra water for the sparge

The thermostat is very positive and has markings from 25 to 110 degrees.

A warning light for heating and keeping warm, so you can tell at a glance if it's actually heating or just maintaining temperature.

The Grainfather Stainless Fermenter 30 Litre


A very nice stainless fermenter with airlock

30 Litre and with graduations on the inside.

Grainfathter High Performance Cleaner 500g

Yep, a cleaner for the grainfather. They recommend it.

The New Pump Filter - Grainfather

This is the new pumpfilter which goes at the bottom of the boil pot

Top Stainer Plate Seal Silicone

It's that silicone seal that goes round the edge of the top strainer plate, just in case you ripped it..

Grainfather Graincoat


An insulated jacket for your grainfather

Grainfather Old Model, Mark 2 with std box

This is the old grainfather without the connect control box