Local Brewery Bottled Beers

A selection of beers from our local breweries!

We've got lots of great small breweries in Stockport and

we're very happy to supply a few of their products

 Beers from two breweries but more to come.

Enigma- The Clue is in the  brew!  and Stockport Brewing Company

More bottled beers to come!


Cryptic Ales Enigma IPA 5% 500 Ml

An IPA at 5% - That citrus flavour we all love, well hopped and at 5% enough alcohol to leave that round honeyed taste.

It works well as bottled beer, retaining the unique character of this popular beer

Cryptic Ales 1049 Dead Mild 4.9% 500 Ml

Cryptic Ales Mild-- 1049 Dead 4.9%

Why 1049 Dead? You'll have to work it out for yourself, think Roman!

A dark mild with a good fruity hop aroma. A proper mild!

Stockport Brewing Company Crown Best Bitter 4.2% Premium Ale 500 Ml

Amber fruity beer with those toffee flavours you expect in a real English ale.

Well bittered and round with a deeper flavour than the light beers.

The Crown is th epub opposite the brewery of course and one of Stockports well known watering holes for real ale lovers

Stockport Brewing Company Bitter Lemon 4.2% 500 Ml

Straw coloured, with slight lemon nose and taste.

A good bitter finish with a palate that's more complex than you first imagine.

Stockport Brewing Company G W Buck Bitter 3.8% 500 Ml

An amber  session beer which meets the almost fruity end of the taste range. Gentle and satisfying, not overhopped, made for a long evening

G W Buck is the man who designed Stockports' world famous viaduct. But you knew that.

Stockport Brewing Company Stockporter 4.8% 500 Ml

A dark porter, coffee, chocolate and liquorice. It's more extra deep red than black, it's a gorgeous beer that's very popular in the Stockport pubs