Essencia Spirit Flavours Make 2.25 Litres

The Essencia range of spirit flavours. A small range of delightful flavours to tickle your alcohol palate.

We like these, they're good fun and make 2.25 litres so the work out ok on price as well.

They mimic famous brands, we've tried to help you work out which is which!


Essencia Blue Sapphire Gin Makes 2.25 Litres


Looks like a certain gin which has blue in the name..

Our favourite gin!

Essencia Kentucky Bourbon makes 2.25 Litres

A gorgeous Kentucky Bourbon for lovers of the American tipple

Essencia Canard Vodka makes 2.25 Litres


It's got a couple of geese on it and canard is french for duck, it's like that french vodka with a goose on it. The french for goose is oie, oie vodka sound stupid, so Canard it is!

Get that?

Essencia Carribean Rum makes 2.25 Litres

Sun soaked beaches, the sound of steel drums and a  taste of rum..It's time for Carribean Rum!

Essencia Ouzeko Ouzo makes 2.25 Litres

Ouzo, we're on a Greek Island, one of the less well known, no tourists no noise just the sun, the waves lapping on the beach and Ouzo...

Essencia Dark Jamaican Rum makes 2.25 Litres


Jamaican Rum, dark and nautical, pirates and pieces of eight..

Essencia Fermanagh Whisky makes 2.25 Litres


Irish Whisky. You know the one! Just think of a famous Irish whisky!


Essencia London Special Gin makes 2.25 Litres

London Gin, where they have the Beefeaters. 

Essencia Navy Rum makes 2.25 Litres

A tot of rum to help pass the long days at sea! A very British rum with just a touch of sweetness.

Essencia Rye Whiskey makes 2.25 Litres


"Those good ole boys, drinking whisky and rye- Bye bye Miss American Pie.

This is the Rye he's talking about, Rye Whiskey!

Essencia Finest Blended Whiskey makes 2.25 Litres

Scotch, think of Bells or Grouse, that type of blended whisky. Easy on the palate!

Essencia Tequila makes 2.25 Litres

A golden Tequila

Essencia Tequila Classico Silver Makes 2.25 Litres


This is the classic tequila, they make Tequila in several grades, silver is probably the most popular!

The famous Tequila worm is only in Mezcal which is supposed to be a cheaper cousin!

Essencia Walkers Whisky to Make 225 Ml


Hey Johnny! Want some whisky? They named it after you!

  Walkers whisky from Essencia

Essencia Puerto Rican White Rum Makes 225 Litres

White rum from Puerto Rico, it's a clear rum and you'd have to be bats not to like it!

Essencia Tennessee Bourbon Makes 225 Litres


Tennessee Bourbon, it's our favourite and tastes very like the real thing, we took a few bottles to Shell Island on a very memorable weekend!