Courage Directors And Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Cwtch Red Ale

Courage Directors Bitter


Tiny Rebel Brewing Co cwtch Red Ale

The Directors bitter from Courage. In a Home brew kit! What could be better?
Bitters and Ales

Courage Directors 36 Pint Bitter Ale Kit 4.8%

Courage Directors, from the Charles Wells Brewery brewed under the Courage brand

36 Pints of Directors, well hopped  with a slight citrus nose.

Not over bittered, more of an ale really, heavy and intense, that doesn't mean you go camping with it. You do that in tents! (Intense-In tents.. Get it?)

One of the well hopped beers that we all love, with those nice chestnut colours, sold and known everywhere!

Bitters and Ales

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Cwtch Welsh Red Ale 36 Pint

4.6% 36 Pints of Red Ale

Cwtch Welsh Red Ale

It won the Champion Beer of Britain in 2015!

Enough said.....

Courage Directors and Cwtch Welsh Beer Kits