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Milestone Brewing Co Homebrew Kits

A range of kits from the Milestone Brewery . It's a microbrewery just South of Newark

A quality range of brewery based kits.

They use Maris Otter malt and the best ingredients. You can tell when you taste them.

Homebrew beer doesn't get any better We love them and strongly recommend them.

These are the biggest step forward in homebrew for years, small production runs, made for the independant shops and closely linked to the brewery. It's got it all going for it! Good beers too, using speciality malts and hops.

Milestone Brewing Co Crusader-Blonde Belgium Beer 40 Pint


Premium Real Ale kit to make 40 pints of beer. A blonde Belgium style beer.

It has that slim hop flavour of the real Belgians, a clean palate and a slight sweetness


MIlestone Brewing Co Green Man 40 Pint Bitter Kit


Green Man! One of the best sellers in the Milestone range, light summery and floral. It's got the citrus/lemon taste on it.

A good flavour for the hops, not too heavy on the malt.

We'd recommend Chinook finishing hops with this one

Milestone Brewing Co Lions Pride Bitter 40 Pints


Premium Real Ale kit to make 40 pints of beer. A well balanced copper coloured session ale.

There's a red/copper beer is every range, they are a bit old school but making a comeback, this one has a deep bitterness that brings out the malty edge.

40 pints of best bitter!

Milestone Brewing Co Black Pearl-Stout 40 Pints


Premium Real Ale kit to make 40 pints of beer. Authentic Irish Stout .Dark & Mysterious

Fancy a ride in the Black Pearl? Har har! Jim Lad!


Milestone Brewing Co Old Home Wrecker- 40 Pints


40 pints of best bitter!

Premium Real Ale kit to make 40 pints of beer. Full bodied winter ale packed full of flavour.

For a real home wrecker experience we'd suggest adding an extra 1 Kg of Brewing sugar to get the gravity up to 1060. Just add when you make the kit up, the brew ends up a bit sweeter but has enough alcohol to compensate! will not accept responsibility for any damage to your house or relationship caused by drinking this ale.

Milestone Brewing Co American Pale Ale 40 PInts


An American pale ale, light in colour and well hopped.

We think it needs a bit more of a hop burst to make it authentic.

The addition of finishing hops makes it perfect!

Williamette hops give that Sierra Nevada pale ale hop aroma!


Milestone Brewing Co Dark Galleon 40 Pints


Dark Galleon makes you think it's a black beer but it's more deep amber, with the classic old English character. Those big malty flavours with an underlying bitterness. Not too hoppy, a traditional style bitter.


Milestone Brewing Co IPA 40 Pints


Premium Real Ale kit to make 40 pints of beer. A light colour  Crisp Refreshing ale well hopped

Darker than a lager but paler than the copper coloured beers 

We'd recommend adding finishing hops to this one to give that citrus floral intense hoppiness!

Click on more details for a link to the finishing hops

Milestone Brewing Co Raspberry Wheat Beer 40 Pints


New and tasting very good! Just like the commercial stuff, nice and fruity with a hint of the razzies! We love it! The wheat gives a good sharp taste with the berries. The first lot sold out in days.

We'd suggest you add 500g wheat malt extract to this one just to up alcohol and enhance the wheat flavour a bit!

Dasher the Flasher 40 Pints Xmas Ale

IT was a Xmas special but they've kept it on --- While stocks last... We enjoyed it and it's just time to brew for Xmas!! What month is it now? Which Xmas does he mean? Answer...It's always time to brew for Xmas!!

Donner and Blitzed 40 Pints

A sort of reddish ale, coppery! Another Xmas special that escaped for a few extra months! We love this one as well.