Brupaks Brewers Choice Ultimate Dried Ingredient Beer Kits-No Boil!

Made by Brupaks- Brewers Choise Ultimate Kits for all Home brew enthusiasts!

Require no extra sugar!


Each kit weighs nearly either 2.5 or 3kg and they are a blend of dried malts with pellet hops and grain malts

 2.5 kg of dried malt is equivalent to 3Kg of wet malts!

They come in a big plastic bucket and are very easy to make

They don't need boiling but contain pellet hops for a fresh hoppy palate and plenty of malt for a full flavoured brew


Brupaks Ultimate Choice Best Bitter 40 Pints 4%

Brewers Choice Ultimate Beer kits

40 Pints of real ale from Brupaks 2.5 Kg of dried malt, equivalent to a 3kg wet pack!

A clean bitter using tea bag tecnology!

Fresh and hoppy with a distinct malt palate, not too heavy a definite session beer!

Amber coloured with a medium bitterness and a full 4%!


Brupaks Ultimate Choice Traditional IPA 40 Pints

Brupaks Tradtional IPA , 40 pints at 4%


Brupaks dried malt kit, everything included, with tea bag technology hops for a fresh hoppy flavour

A pale but well hopped beer with an increased maltyiness.

A true IPA strong , well hopped and cleanly bittered

Brupaks Ultimate Choice Extra Special Bitter 4.8%

Brupaks extra special bitter 4.8%


An Amber ale with a high gravity and a slight toffee flavour.

Full bodied and slightly sweet but complimented by the extra bitterness

Using tea bag hop technology for an intense hop experience

Brewers Choice Ultimate Czech Pils 4.5%

Brewers Choice Czech Pils , 4.5%

A golden Czech Pils, clean refeshing and blonde.

A nice hopped Czech beer, more hoppy than the usual bland lagers!

Using tea bag hop technology and dried malts for the best beers!

Using Saaz hops for an authentic flavour

Brewers Choice Ultimate Dusseldorf Alt 4.5%

Brupaks Dusseldorf Alt, 4.5 %

A dark brown beer, well hopped , sweet and malty.

Top fermented and more bitter than traditional Uk ales,

As with all these beers it uses the tea bag hop technology for an the extra bitterness!

Brewers Choice Ultimate Bavarian Weiss Beer 4.5%

Brewers Choice Weiss beer 40 Pints German Wheat Beer

Brewed with a genuine wheat beer yeast, light in colour a low hopping rate

Clean with a slight sour edge off the wheat malt, the hint of bananas!

4.5% , full bodied , pale straw coloured with a big refreshing factor!