Brupaks Brewers Choice Ultimate Dried Ingredient Beer Kits-No Boil!

Made by Brupaks- Brewers Choise Ultimate Kits for all Home brew enthusiasts!

Require no extra sugar!


Each kit weighs nearly either 2.5 or 3kg and they are a blend of dried malts with pellet hops and grain malts

 2.5 kg of dried malt is equivalent to 3Kg of wet malts!

They come in a big plastic bucket and are very easy to make

They don't need boiling but contain pellet hops for a fresh hoppy palate and plenty of malt for a full flavoured brew


Brupaks Ultimate Choice Best Bitter 40 Pints 4%

Brewers Choice Ultimate Beer kits

40 Pints of real ale from Brupaks 2.5 Kg of dried malt, equivalent to a 3kg wet pack!

Brupaks Ultimate Choice Traditional IPA 40 Pints

Brupaks Tradtional IPA , 40 pints at 4%


Brupaks Ultimate Choice Extra Special Bitter 4.8%

Brupaks extra special bitter 4.8%


Brewers Choice Ultimate Czech Pils 4.5%

Brewers Choice Czech Pils , 4.5%

Brewers Choice Ultimate Dusseldorf Alt 4.5%

Brupaks Dusseldorf Alt, 4.5 %

Brewers Choice Ultimate Bavarian Weiss Beer 4.5%

Brewers Choice Weiss beer 40 Pints German Wheat Beer